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Design Your Own Crystal Chandelier

May 26, 2008

We all know that chandeliers are beautiful. Well they can add a bit of sparkle and elegance to any room. You can buy chandeliers from a myriad of places, and there are all kinds of chandeliers from which to choose:  crystal, wrought iron, alabaster, etc.  Some chandeliers are exquisite in their own right, but I always add at least one special thing to make a chandelier my very own. For example, crystal chandeliers are pure gorgeousness. The crystals on these chandeliers catch light from every direction making it virtual bling for a ceiling. Fascinating for such ornamental delights, you may need to add only solid colored or patterned lampshades that match the color scheme and decor of the room. In addition to making your crystal chandelier more unique, adding shades to a crystal chandelier grounds the light fixture in the room and prevents the visual floating effect that can occur with all-crystal chandeliers.

Now on the flip side, you can take a plain, nicked hued Williamsburg style chandelier and dress it up quite a bit, yes you hear it right. You can find this type of chandelier for under a hundred bucks at your local home improvement store. You can make this less than hundred dollar chandelier look like a million bucks by adding accessories to it. You can buy crystals by the strand from a chandelier parts or lighting store. Although green and red garlands of beads scream “Christmas,” clear, pearlescent, silver, gold and copper multifaceted beads are multifunctional. That is something that gives it life and glamour. These beads can dress up an otherwise plain chandelier.  You can also find pastel colored strands of beads in the holiday section of a craft store that would look quite charming on the chandelier of a young girl’s room. It is highly recommended to try and search for it.

A garland of beads from the holiday section of a craft store can be bought at a fraction of the cost of a strand of crystals made especially for a chandelier.  If you shop the after holiday sales, you can save even more money on these “chandelier” accessories. Moreover, while specialty lighting stores have a limited style of chandelier accessories, the holiday section of a craft store or any other store will have tons of shapes, styles and colors from which to choose.  Be on the lookout for ornaments that can act as decorative accents on your chandelier as well. Once you have purchased the accessories for your chandelier, experiment by hanging the beads in different ways on the arms of the chandelier.

Perhaps, you will want to hang the cut strand of beads from the crown of the chandelier past each arm of the chandelier and back up again.  Maybe you will want to wrap a strand of beads around the entire body of the chandelier including its arms.  Twisty ties can be used to keep the strands of beads in place when testing different ways of arranging the beads on your chandelier.  When strategically placed, twisty ties can be used without notice in the final creation of your newly accessories chandelier.  Fishing wire or very thin bendable wire can be used, as well, to secure strands of beads and ornaments to your chandelier. It is really good to have a chandelier with your own made and it gives you the satisfaction of having your own designed crystal chandelier.

Jron Magcale


Give Attention to Modern Bedroom Furniture

May 23, 2008

Be aware that your bedroom is often the only private area of your home. Too often the bedroom is also the most neglected room in a home. People tends to neglect the bedroom because they understand that it is not the most guess friendly room, after all, you and your special someone are the only ones who see it. It can get put off in your decorating plans for so long that it just never gets done. Other things come up that the money gets spent on, or you decide to redecorate one of the public areas of your home rather than spend the money on something no one else will see. Neglecting this room is a mistake. Rather than put it off until last, you should decorate your bedroom first, before any of the public areas of your home. Your bedroom is your private retreat and should be decorated in a way that reflects that. It is also important to consider modern furniture for your bedroom to give it a little spark.

Understand that a modern bed should be elegantly, yet simply, designed. Your bedding will be the biggest style statement in your bedroom. Allow the fabric and design of your bedding to take center stage. A modern ornate bed will only fight against the detail of fine bedding. Your mattress should be supportive without being too hard or too soft. Mattresses with areas that offer variable support throughout the length of your body are often the most comfortable. The bed often gets a lot of attention because it maybe the most used furniture in the bedroom so considering a beautiful modern design t it will be a plus. Please keep I mind that modern bed are available in different designs and variations of mattress and others. The choices are unlimited as well so you will have the options.

Furniture to keep an eye on is the bedside tables should be simply designed as well. Consider your needs for space when choosing bedside tables. If you often read while in bed, choose modern bedside tables with either a storage shelf or a drawer. Cluttered bedside tables make the whole bedroom look cluttered because the eye automatically goes to the area that is in disarray. Hiding books away rather than allowing too many of them to sit on top of your modern bedside table will add to the relaxing feel of your bedroom. Think that the storage is important for that modern bedroom furniture because it can have many uses. Chests should have adequate storage for your clothing with drawers that flow smoothly along their tracks. Low and high chests are both widely available. Consider using both a low chest and a high chest to add visual interest to your bedroom. Remember style is a point.

A modern wardrobe should blend seamlessly with your modern bedroom decor. Large wardrobes provide wonderful storage, but should be understated in design. Clean lines and minimal adornment will allow your wardrobe to maintain its position as a central piece of furniture without overwhelming the room. While modern bedroom furniture offers so much in store, you must consider that it is also important that you know how to place and blend them well to avoid having mismatched styles.

Jron Magcale

Décor Decisions: Crystal Chandelier is Not for Easy Pickings

May 23, 2008

How beautiful a home can be is up to the owner. If they are good in style or design they will probably posses a great home, if one has the financial flexibility, you have all the design money can buy. But let me discuss to you the importance of a picking a crystal chandelier to fit in your home. Chandeliers can pull any room together with their beauty and class. The room that you add a chandelier to will be appreciated by many, you will be able to find any chandelier to match your room theme or décor. Adding a chandelier to your room will be a great focal point or accent piece to any them or style. Know that crystal chandelier offers so much and they are more than mere décor. So picking the right one is vital and should be given time and effort.

It is known that there are polished chandeliers, rustic looking chandeliers, and formal chandeliers for a more formal looking room. Now there are more modern chandeliers with new bolder colors and pattern on shades. You can mix and match the body with different styles of bulbs and shades for the lights. There are so many possibilities in design and lighting. The types of chandelier are all out there for you to choose from so let it be known that picking is not an easy task. The choices for chandeliers are endless. There seems to one for every room in the house. You do not necessarily have to just keep the chandelier in the dinning room anymore. You can use them in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even entryways. They will accentuate any room in the house and add a sense of style and design to your home.

The fact is that you will be able to find the perfect chandelier for your home anywhere. You can look in department stores, furniture stores, and even online. You will be able to get great ideas from these places and they can help you decide what lighting accessories are best for your room. You are probably not looking to replace your chandelier every time you decorate, so you want to look for one that matches your homes era, and atmosphere. Look at your home and see how you want it to be viewed. If you have an older home and you want to bring that out in your decorating, then you can incorporate a more antique looking light into your room. Pick your chandelier first and then design your room around it. It will be a lot easier and less expensive to change the paint later rather than the crystal chandelier.

Keep in mind that choosing the right size of chandelier for your room is important. You do not want something so big that it is stuffed into your room. One that is too big will make the room look small and crowed. If you get one too small, it may be missed or overlooked in a room. It will blend in and will not give the room the special accent that you are looking for. Having the right size of lighting fixture is just as important as the color and style. Vital as it is, choosing is only the first step, but at least you have now knowledge on choosing a great crystal chandelier that will fit you and your personality.

Jron Magcale

Dining Hall is Where to Put Your Crystal Chandelier

May 23, 2008

Well there a re a lot to be considered when having a crystal chandelier for your home. One big factor is the location of it, sure you have a great crystal chandelier in your home but the question is where does it fit? Well if you ask me, I can tell you that there so many possibilities by for me, personally the dining room is good place to start. Why? Well the fact that people spends time there is one, next is you always want your dining room pleasant and if you have guests having a crystal chandelier into your dining hall will wow them for sure. When considering on putting crystal chandelier on your dining room here are some tips that I can offer you guys. First off, measure the width of your table. The chandelier you choose should never be wider than your table. A good guideline to follow is that the width of the chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than the width of a dining table.

After which you have to measure the dimensions of the room. You want a chandelier to create a perfect balance in a dining room. The fixture shouldn’t be so small it gets lost, and it shouldn’t be so large it overpowers the table and creates harsh lighting. The ends of the fixture should be at least 4 feet away from any wall. If your dining space is small, say a dinette area off the kitchen in a town home, you might choose a pendant chandelier. This smaller fixture can still be an elegant piece, but on a smaller scale so it fits in with the space. Remember to Measure the distance from the table surface to the ceiling. Most chandeliers should hang about 30-34 inches above the top of a dining table, if you have 8 foot ceilings. Make sure your chandelier is not so tall that it can’t be hung high enough. You never want the chandelier to be in people’s view when they’re sitting at the table.

Next stuff is considering the existing finishes in your room. Make sure your chandelier is the same, or in a complementary shade to any existing metals in the room. You don’t want to have all silver picture frames and then a gold fixture. Brushed bronze, gold, and black are more muted tones that can work well in rooms where you don’t have a uniformity of finishes. Consider the colors of your room. If you have a lot of rich, warm wood and earth tones, go for gold or bronze finishes. Cool tones like blues and whites, or modern black furniture might look better with silver or black finishes. Give it a style, so it won’t look plain.

Match the style of the room. If the room is very formal and elegant, you need an impressive fixture to complete the look. If you have antique or ornate furniture, choose more complicated chandelier designs that have scrolling designs or hanging pendants. Consider the illumination factor. In a small space, a chandelier with a lot of bulbs or direct lighting can be too overpowering. Many lighting stores display their chandeliers in use, so make sure you evaluate how bright or dim a chandelier is. If it’s your only light source, you do want it to be powerful enough for people to see their food by. Crystal chandeliers fit in various places it is important that you know where to put in so that you’ll have the benefit of satisfaction for your crystal chandelier decisions.

Jron Magcale

Stay Optimistic with Florida Real Estate Progress

May 23, 2008

It is known that all over Florida the national median sales price for existing single-family homes in March 2008 was $198,200, down 8.3 percent from a year earlier, according to NAR. In California, the statewide median resales price was $413,980 in March; in Massachusetts, it was $315,000; in Maryland, it was $283,692; and in New York, it was $210,000. What does that tells us? We are having a good sign on the movement of real estate. I know you heard the news on how bad the real estate market, especially the housing to us all. It is not a secret anymore and we are very well aware of our stature in the current biz. Which brings me to the point on which the Florida real estate market is outside looking in when it comes to progress.

It was reported last month, interest rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 5.92

Percent, down from the average rate of 6.18 percent in April 2007, according to Freddie Mac, FAR’s sales figures reflect closings, which typically occur 30 to 90 days after sales contracts are written. That is a good upgrade considering that predictions said that the market is looking downward for the rest of the season. Consider it as a warning but never loose hope. I for starters was surprised when I learned that compared to last month the single-family homes did made a movement. It’s good to learn that there is still hope out there. Although we are all are on for the ride, being optimistic sometimes gives you confidence as well.

Like report says, Several of Miami’s metropolitan statistical areas showed gains in existing home sales for the month. Realtors around the state reported an increase in phone calls, home showings and other business activity, as well as higher pending home sales in their markets. Pending sales are based on contracts signed but not closed. Among the state’s smaller markets, the Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie MSA reported a total of 388 homes sold in April compared to 290 homes a year ago for a 34 percent increase. The existing home median sales price was $159,200; a year ago, it was $242,600 for a 34 percent decrease. A total of 101 existing condos sold in the MSA last month compared to 83 condos the previous April for a 22 percent increase. The market’s existing condo median price was $151,700; a year ago, it was $163,800 for a decrease of 7 percent.

Experts say that it appears that buyer activity is increasing and the market is beginning to stabilize. We’re working through inventory and that’s encouraging our area is thriving in terms of business diversity and job opportunities relating to bio-tech and research industries. The environment for buyers couldn’t be better mortgage rates are still at historic lows and Congress is working on legislation that will boost the recovery of the housing sector. We all know that activity is always the key and this time the belief that the market can still plays out a significant role to the overall improvement Florida real estate will rely heavily on changes that will be made but until then every progress can spark little hope to all of us.

Jron Magcale

Existing Home Sales of Florida Real Estate Shows Promise

May 23, 2008

Is the market progressing? Well that is the obvious question statewide. We all are aware on the previous reports that the numbers in Florida’s market is dipping in an all-time low. Well, on the Florida Realtors statewide reported an upswing in existing home and condominium sales from March to April 2008, according to the latest housing statistics released by the Florida Association of Realtors. A total of 11,200 existing single-family homes changed hands in April, a 20 percent increase over the previous month when 9,330 homes sold. Existing condo sales statewide rose 21.6 percent, with 3,900 units sold in April compared with 3,207 condos in March. I think that is good news considering the hit that the nation has been getting from the drought.

It is reported that the median price for existing condos increased slightly as well during the one-month period. The median price of an existing condo in April was $179,200, up 1.6 percent from March’s figure of $176,300. In the latest National Association of Realtors housing outlook, experts predicts that home sales and prices throughout most of the nation will improve in the second half of the year, especially if access to mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration, increases. There are many reasons for people to get into the housing market today, and very few reasons not to. With the plentiful supply of homes for sale at affordable prices, interest rates approaching 40-year lows, and the strong track record of housing as a good long-term investment, conditions are ripe for buyers. Experts see a bright light and I think it is a good sign after all.

When we compare it to the year-to-year comparison, a total of 11,200 existing homes sold statewide last month while 12,358 homes sold in April 2007 for a decrease of 9 percent, according to FAR. Florida’s median sales price for existing homes last month was $198,900; a year ago, it was $239,000 for a 17 percent decrease. But, looking back to April 2003, the statewide median sales price for single-family homes has increased about 30.9 percent over the five-year-period, according to FAR records at that time, the statewide existing-home median price was $151,900. The median is the midpoint; half the homes sold for more, half for less. Which is another sign that the market is showing signs of life with the update, the current situation is a testimonial on how the market can move further.

Going back to the year-to-year comparison for condos, 3,900 units sold statewide compared to 4,633 in April 2007 for a 16 percent decline. The statewide existing-condo median sales price last month was $179,200; in April 2007 it was $221,300 for a 19 percent decrease. NAR reported the national median existing condo price was $219,400 in March 2008. An expert calls it a good sign and why wouldn’t it? We hardly been showing promise over the past few months and criticism from the people in the inner circles are giving the thumbs down. Well now that we have numbers to back our claims of having life in the market it is positive that the market is on a good sign now. Let it be known that there are struggles and there are sacrifices and right now it seems like the Florida real estate is hitting its good turn.

Jron Magcale

Tips on How to buy Miami Preconstruction

May 23, 2008

Now every people want apiece of the action when it comes to Miami real estate it is like the very basic instinct for the business minded ones. Well my only advice for now is, be aware to these facts: Developers are not Mutual Fund Managers in the business of making you money. They are business people in the business of building real estate. They understand the Real Estate market just like you do, like everybody else and they make the most profit by selling for the highest price. This is the myth that could cause investors not making the right decision. Furthermore the right thing to consider is to make a decent research on how the Miami preconstruction market works in its own way. So, do your own research, the Internet can be a great aid in finding initial information. After doing some initial research, find a good realtor that understands the market and Preconstruction to help you evaluate the options you have available.

It is necessary to know someone who knows something about the market. If you’re contacting the developer directly, you could be taking a gamble since the sales staff has no loyalty to you to disclose vital information, they work for the developer. Go with a knowledgeable local realtor to represent you. You can find realtors to provide this free service. They are paid commission by the developer and your price is the same. The common knowledge to realtors sometimes is they will hustle clients, well erase that thought and know that realtors are there to help you have knowledge on the biz. If there are some which crosses the lines I bet they are few. The market can always be different and always changes so it’ll be vital to know experts on these fields.

And then there is the question “What Miami Preconstruction investing do you choose?”
well Waterfront Real Estate is the safest investing possible. Tens of thousands are moving to Miami area every month and most asking for waterfront or oceanfront real estate. They are willing to pay a good premium to enjoy the life style. There is a lot more details that cannot be covered here. If you ask why, my answer to you is it is in demand and always a trend. Of course if you have money and want to move to Miami, you’ll very well choose to live on the part where it is mostly known for, the waterfronts. It is a common knowledge but not a limited one. Always know what the market can give you. Miami Preconstruction and Miami Real Estate have been very rewarding to its investors. If you’re looking for long term investing, this is a great vehicle for good ROI with little effort.

Jron Magcale

Modern Sofa Bed: Comfort is a Big Factor

May 22, 2008

Well right now the modern sofa bed is in demand for buyers and consumers; it has been the best on the market when it comes to portable living room furniture. If you are shopping for sofa beds, and really do not have a clue where to start, there are some things you should look for to make sure you get the best modern sofa with a hide away bed for you and your space. Modern sofa beds are so versatile, you can have a bed that turns into a sofa, and someone sitting on the sofa, would never even know that there is a bed inside. They really do look just like regular sofas. You just do not realize there is a bed inside, until it is actually pulled out of the sofa. It is really great having something like that which can translate to instant comfort. Modern sofa beds are always in demand because of its use.

You need to be aware of the use of modern sofa beds it has many use and can benefit you and your family for sure. First of all, there must be a reason you are looking for a sofa bed, right? Perhaps, you have overnight guest, and no extra bed to sleep the guest on? Maybe you are expecting guests in the near future to sleep on your sofa bed? Whatever your reasons may be for needing a bed and sofa in one, there are a few things you will want to remember while you are shopping around. Because it is important to take note so that when you are out there shopping for that modern sofa bed, you won’t be walking in the dark when buying the furniture. The first thing to look for in a sofa bed is comfort. That is right; comfort is your basis for everything. It will be the basic focus for you to come up with what’s best for you. You will want the sofa to be comfortable to sit on and you will want the bed to be comfortable to sleep on as well.

However, making sure both are comfortable at the same time may be a little difficult. Be sure that you ask the furniture store to let the bed out of the sofa while you are there. So you’ll know the use. Now, while the bed is out of the sofa, you will want to lay on it, and sit on it to make sure you can not feel the metal bars under the mattress. Many modern sofa beds that you will find have thin mattresses that do not offer enough support for your body while you are sleeping. Causing you to have back pain and discomfort, and making for a lousy day from a poor night’s sleep. Try to get the thickest mattress you can for your sofa bed, and make sure your guest will be comfortable while sleeping on it. Because after all you are after the comfort anyway, so be sure you accommodate it well enough.

You will find that modern sofa beds are available in just about any design, style or color that you can possibly want. Make sure you choose your sofa to go with the decor of the room it is going in. However, your first and main concern for your sofa bed should be the comfort of the bed. Style is a bonus but for modern sofa beds, it dictates a certain tempo, a certain flavor. While modern sofa beds have the style and edge, the comfort factor is still the number concern for them as it will be the measurement of how good modern sofa bed is.

Jron Magcale

Modern Leather Sofa Hits Up Advantage

May 22, 2008

We all are aware that sofas are an integral part to every persons home. The sofa is the place you relax on to watch TV and the place your guests sit when you entertain. There are an absolute multitude of different types of sofas to choose from these days, and we are constantly being bombarded by TV commercials from a multitude of companies to remind us of which the best are and which ones we ought to buy. It is a business so we can not stop it. Anyway, with that being said let me discuss the modern leather sofa and why is it still in demand for people. Well for starters most sofas are made of nylon material of various colors, which look fantastic when first bought, but with age they can fade, wear, tear, pull and generally become dirty. We all are aware on the fact that they are just for cosmetics or for the outlook.

Basically, the material on nylon sofas generally doesn’t look new for very long, leaving you either needing or wanting to buy a new sofa perhaps once every 5 years or thereabouts. Then we have modern leather sofas. The good ones are hardwearing, they shine, they look classy, and when they age they still look good, and can be made to look even better with a simple polish. Often, the slightly worn or broken in look of the sofa adds character to it rather than be considered a blemish. These modern leather sofas are making its way into the market once again with the combination of style, comfort and durability. Think about when you spill a drink such as red wine or some food on a nylon sofa, consider it ruined, because nylon will absorb it. When you spill such a drink on a modern leather sofa, all you have to do is wipe it away and polish it and there are no stains.

Modern leather sofas of course come in a variety of colors such as cream, light brown, dark brown, yellow, white and black and so forth, so there is a leather sofa to compliment and fit in with each room. Modern leather sofas are also a great bet if you have a family pet such as a dog or a cat which make use of the sofas and chairs. A leather sofa is easy to remove hairs from after an animal has being sat on it, and animals like cats are less likely to purposely scratch their claws into a surface such as leather where they would do with nylon and other soft materials. Leather always shows durability that can endure even other natural harm that can affect nylon sofas. It is said that leather while a good pick on durability can also possess style and comfort. What makes the modern leather sofas really good is that they have different types that a buyer can choose from plus the diverse styles and design which only a modern leather sofa can have is a plus.

Modern leather sofas and chairs used to be strictly the domain of the upper classes, and were extremely expensive which of course meant less well off people couldn’t afford such luxury. Well good news folks, of course nowadays things have changed, but the same luxury which was once enjoyed only be the more well off people can now be enjoyed by you, and even purchased straight from many major furniture and sofa outlets. It is a good sign that there modern leather sofas that can be affordable and they are even custom made for people who wants to dictate their own pace when in terms to fashion. There are a lot to choose from and styles are pretty much unique to the essence of the word itself.

Jron Magcale

Walking Through The Sarasota Real Estate Market

May 22, 2008

You maybe thinking of investing in the Sarasota are, well you’re in luck because I may be able to give you tips on how to sink your teeth into the beautiful Sarasota real estate market. Truthfully Sarasota is one of a kind as you all know. It boasts a tremendous location and an area in which the beautiful beach can be seen and loved. Well to get you started on the right path in the world of commercial real estate in Gulfcoast Florida, I suggest taking a look at high traffic locations, including the shopping centers scattered about Sarasota County. For instance, the Southgate Mall is home to more than 100 popular stores like Footlocker, American Eagle, and Bath & Body Works, etc. This site also offers access to a collection of restaurants and a movie complex, which makes the mall more appealing to shoppers. So it’ll be wise to purchase on this area.

Purchasing property near here also opens a gateway to make profit with the visitors who frequent the mall. Nest to consider is the importance of a real estate agent. The property itself is not the only information that becomes vital throughout this process, but this is why a Sarasota real estate agent plays an important role. These professionals are trained to clarify the fine print in contracts and illuminate the significant details that can make or break a business deal. It is their job to look into rates, read over terms and conditions, as well as explain every aspect of a property agreement and perhaps spot problems before they become a sticking point. Having sole decision is good but letting the experts do their job will be even better.

Now if you are planning to be leasing in the Sarasota area, perhaps you are not ready to make a permanent commitment to a piece of property and would rather start off leasing Sarasota commercial real estate. An important factor to consider is that this process greatly differs from the leasing of an apartment or residential property. I recommend shopping around in order to locate the deal that best fits your personal goals and needs. Because we all know that it is a business and in business everything works if you finish a need for it. In leasing important factors is to know your area and know the benefits that you can get from it. Paying a visit to potential sites, analyzing the landscape and double checking amenities is a must.

You should know that seeking flexible leasing agreements rather than settling on a long term leasing contract will come in handy in the long run. Pay attention to the lease details, as you must work within the confines of your leasing conditions. This means if you want to paint the outside of your property, you must make sure the contract allows this action. Never sign a lease agreement if you do not think you can abide by all of the terms. Remember that Sarasota real estate market is one of Florida’s nicest spot so if you are planning to invest here it is highly possible that you will get the attention want and need.

Jron Magcale