Miami Real Estate Shows Positive Vibrations

People are keen whether the market have made some significant moves in the past few months, well the truth is there has been some rumored increase of the buyers activity in the Miami-Dade County since the start of the year, We all noticed that progress is evident and potential is really high. You might ask where this confidence came from did. Well for the past 2 months, I can’t attribute it strictly to the amendment 1 voting. That took place at the end of January and we noticed the shift at the beginning. It is really alive and although some signs are pointing elsewhere I think the majority of the experts, my colleagues of course are seeing a different route for our market. It’s been really a not so bright market this year but potential is there,

That took place at the end of January and we noticed the shift at the beginning. Were home buyers starting to gain confidence knowing that the vote was coming up and things might start picking up afterwards? Listen to me please, by the time this happens, it will be too late to have gotten the lowest price. By the time one realizes, “oh, we’ve hit the bottom,” it will be because we’re on the rebound again and prices have started to climb back up. I do think the buyers that are out there right now are fully aware that this is a great time to be buying a home in Miami. Home prices will not continue on a downward spiral forever. At some point the market will shift and the trend will be an upwards one.

In real estate, as in the stock market, you can analyze all you want, but the truth remains that the only way to tell the very peak of a market or the absolute lowest point is in hindsight. Miami will continue to draw people here with its vibrant joie de vivre, cultural events, melting pot diversity, ever-increasing high quality restaurants, and let’s face it, the jewel in Miami’s crown, the weather, which makes for a different way of life. I was raised in New York City. The fact remains that this is still Miami. And contrary to many of their beliefs, there are those who love living here.

Truly I believe in the saying that Miami real estate isn’t dead, Miami is still moving in a good pace and it will be on the rise soon enough, we don’t have to worry about the decline, we have the resources, the location, the weather and most importantly the potential. It is really a good thing that the Miami real estate market has some signs of positive movement because more or less we are in a drought nationally and with a little hope we can be on par with the forecast.

Jron Magcale


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