Simple Tips on Looking for a Miami Condo Market

If you are a buyer you might be more concerned on the market’s standpoint that the eventual buy you have in mind, because let’s face it, the condo unit market in Miami is getting relatively big in terms of positive reaction and negative as well, if you are aware of the forecast, you will know how bad the overall market is not only in Miami but the whole nation. It is a very big trend that people gets to in is that they tend to read through the process and all but there are really tips out there that can further help you on choosing the best for you and the market as well.

Location is the Key – Always be aware of the location of the potential property in Miami that you will invest with. Buyers seeking large payoffs are likely to be better off purchasing in a new or emerging hot market, though that strategy is a bit riskier. Buying in an already popular neighborhood will help assure a property maintains its value, although sellers might not always reap such big gains. Buying on a waterfront is usually a good bet for retaining value, says Robin Rommell, a Realtor with RE/MAX All Star in Madeira Beach, Fla., on Florida’s Gulf coast.

The White Vanilla Box – You have to watch out for the inevitable “white vanilla box.” This something special could be a bit of private outdoor space, a view, a garden or celebrity resident Distinguishing features help an owner when it comes time to sell. Your condo should have at least one unique quality that will pique interest, agents say. Stand-alone refrigerator drawers are also popular, says Florence Shapiro, a broker sales associate with Prudential Americana Group, Realtors in Las Vegas. These can be installed in the kitchen to store veggies, or in the master-bedroom for refreshments, she says. Among the high-end accoutrements on condo buyers’ wish lists are granite countertops and Sub-Zero, Bosch and Viking kitchen appliances.

The Name says it All – more high-end projects are being built by well-known designers or architects. For example, French interior and product designer Philippe Starck is teaming up with developer Jorge Perez to create Icon Brickell, a condominium complex in Miami, recently. The post-modern architect who designed, among other buildings, the Swan and Dolphin hotels at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Both architects have condo projects in the works in Miami and Manhattan. It’s all in the name, the more recognition the better the sales obviously. It is rather interesting to have the perception of having a home that has a name; in the condo world the name game is important so you must be aware of it as well.

Jron Magcale


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