Decision Making on Picking A Crystal Chandelier

Buying a crystal chandelier is always a challenge for first time buyers and home owners, because crystal chandeliers plays a significant part in your home and design you should take some careful guidelines on it. Meaning be aware and resourceful, picking a crystal chandelier is not always a case of pick and post, so here are some few basic steps on how to pick the best chandelier for your home. First off, measure the width of your table. A good guideline to follow is that the width of the chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than the width of a dining table. You should keep in mind that the chandelier you choose should never be wider than your table.

After that measuring the dimensions of the room is vital, the ends of the fixture should be at least 4 feet away from any wall. See Tips Section and Warnings Section. The fixture shouldn’t be so small it gets lost, and it shouldn’t be so large it overpowers the table and creates harsh lighting. You want a chandelier to create a perfect balance in a dining room. It is important to measure the distance from the table surface to the ceiling, you never want the chandelier to be in people’s view when they’re sitting at the table. So, make sure your chandelier is not so tall that it can’t be hung high enough and most chandeliers should hang about 30-34 inches above the top of a dining table, if you have 8 foot ceilings.

You don’t want to have all silver picture frames and then a gold fixture, so it is also significant to consider the existing finishes in your room, make sure your chandelier is the same, or in a complementary shade to any existing metals in the room. Brushed bronze, gold, and black are more muted tones that can work well in rooms where you don’t have a uniformity of finishes.

The overall outlook of the room is vital so you need to consider the colors of your room, Consider the colors of your room. If you have a lot of rich, warm wood and earth tones, when possible, bring any samples of fabrics and colors to the store with you to compare to the chandelier finishes. Also match the style of the room. If the room is very formal and elegant, you need an impressive fixture to complete the look. If you have antique or ornate furniture, choose more complicated chandelier designs that have scrolling designs or hanging pendants.

It is important to consider that stuff as well. Another thing to consider is the illumination factor many lighting stores display their chandeliers in use, so make sure you evaluate how bright or dim a chandelier is. If it’s your only light source, you do want it to be powerful enough for people to see their food by. In a small space, a chandelier with a lot of bulbs or direct lighting can be too overpowering.

By Jron Magcale


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