Measuring Crystal Chandeliers to Fit in Your Home

The common concept of the masses regarding crystal chandeliers is that the home is a big factor to one’s home. It is said that the crystal chandeliers give life to people’s home. In some homes they spend big amount of money for their home’s elegance and crystal chandelier is one important factor of one’s home. It is as important as candle on a birthday cake. So when choosing a crystal chandelier you must be really knowledgeable and know your craft, because choosing one can be real tricky at times. It is important for you to be able to at least measure up some spaces on where you plan to put your crystal chandelier. The first thing you’ll need to figure out is what size you need. There is a rough guide to fitting a chandelier to your room size – for each foot of your room, figure 2″ of chandelier. Measurement is very important because it factors many key information for placing your crystal chandelier.

For example, if your room is 14′ x 16′, a 30″ chandelier would be the appropriate size as well, be informed that there are different size when it comes to crystal chandeliers so you better be up well-informed about your home’s basic measurements. Here are some measurements that I think would help you a lot when it comes to deciding for your home. A table that seats 4-6 people will have a 20″ – 24″ chandelier. For table that seats 6-8 people will fit a 25″ – 29″ chandelier and a table that seats 8-10 people have to fit a 30″ – 36″ chandelier. The size is very important you have to give it a definite attention for you to be able to determine if it fits or not.

Another important thing to consider for picking crystal chandeliers are its dimension for your home, it is very important to see if your wall is high or low to avoid having some conflicts on it when you put it. Buying a big chandelier for a low ceiling may be a little out of character, buying a small chandelier for a high ceiling will make it look like its too small and the details will be hard to see at all. There are more to consider on owning a crystal chandelier than just owning one. People have to be aware of what it can be in you home, it isn’t just another décor in your home, it serves as lighting and a good décor as well. It has a lot of work not just for external look and appearance.

So when considering a crystal chandelier for your home be more aware and be more knowledgeable in considering a chandelier for your home. Doesn’t just be one of the people who buy it for elegance and style; rather be one of those smart owners who purchase them for their functions. Measurements are very important and knowing your home is very important, don’t waste time, effort and money for nothing. Be smart and be informed. Have a glamorous home and take advantage of its functions.

Jron Magcale


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