Painting Green on Your Modern Furniture

It has hit us very fast and accurate. The green thing like most of you, we are all have been hearing a lot about this new “going green” phenomenon. At first we didn’t know what to make of it, but if it’s good enough for Al Gore, and then who are we to argue? This was not an easy process, one that took months to complete. So that you can appreciate the lengths to which we went to accomplish this, we’d like to outline the steps we took to make this happen.

We are all experiencing problems regarding furniture. For example problem number 1, not enough paint. Our first problem was, where are we going to get all that paint? We tried going to the local Home Depot but it turned out they didn’t have that much green paint. And with everyone going green these days, it’s no surprise. But we weren’t going to let this little problem stop us. After a few Wikipedia searches, we discovered that the leaf of a special tree only found in the Brazilian Amazon not only was the perfect shade of green, when finely ground, it made for a perfect aerosol based paint. Clever huh?

Next Problem 2, well, Monkeys. Unfortunately, due to the number of trees that we had to cut down to create this paint (large swathes of forest in fact), several small species of monkey were left without a home. Given that we are nothing if not humanitarians at a company, we knew that we couldn’t just leave them homeless. So we purchased thousands of tiny cages. It wasn’t easy, but after about 3 weeks of driving around in our entourage of Hummers hunting those little guys, we finally were able to corral the majority of them and put them in their little cages.

The next problem we have is testing the Paint. After we were sure that we had not captured any other hairy Brazilian natives, we came to the conclusion that keeping the monkeys in a cage was only a short-term solution. Instead, we decided to put the little guys to work. Since there was no way to test whether or not our leaf-based aerosol paint was actually safe to humans, we tested the paint on our little monkey friends. Anyway given the obscurity of the fact gong green is pretty darn hard. When it comes to modern furniture, it is wise to give it a more in-depth research. Like most people crave green is the new thing. But whether it is practical or not, it is up to you. We have laid out some stuff that can be a possibility for your green modern furniture.

Jron Magcale


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