A Clean Crystal Chandelier Mirrors the Owner’s Persona

Well, back then it was really a hard case to own crystal chandeliers, it’s a sign of wealth and if your home possesses one, well you are a keeper. They have come a long way from the days as traditional, stately pieces only enjoyed in the most formal of spaces and positioned to impress guests in the dining room or the foyer. Crystal’s use in various lighting applications of all shapes and sizes means its sparkling, elegant affect can be enjoyed all over the home. It is known that more crystal means more cleaning, it’s that obvious, but it doesn’t have to be too taxing if you follow these few simple guidelines to keep crystal looking its best.

Now how do we really clean them anyway? First off if you do not wish to remove the crystal components from the piece, you can use a spray. After the piece is sprayed, wipe off the solution with white cotton gloves. Crystal chandelier manufacturers recommends a solution of one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water, a real no-no in the area of cleaning chandeliers, is if the chandelier is finished with a traditional polished gold finish or polished silver finish but it’s not stainless steel, people will use these sprays that you can buy. Basically, what the manufacturers say is you spray the chandelier and let the stuff drip off and that cleans the crystal. But in fact what it does is ruin the frames of the chandelier. That is a fact that we should keep in mind in which will be helpful in the long haul.

Sometimes we need to clean a chandelier a bit harder, if more aggressive cleaning is needed, the crystal parts will need to be removed from the frame. The crystals can then be hand-washed in soapy water, rinsed clean and dried with a cloth. For dusting between cleanings, it is recommended using a feather duster, lambswool duster or a make-up brush, for you to be efficient on cleaning your chandelier. In general, crystal should be cleaned every two to six months. The frequency of cleaning required depends on where it is used and how easy it is to get to the piece. Although extremely large pieces like 20-foot chandeliers can get away with being cleaned only once a year, well it is hard to clean that big of a chandelier every few months and it could be a real work to do it.

The crystal chandeliers have hit a new mark in home décor, since crystal lighting is popping up in every room of the house these days, some pieces may need more frequent cleanings based on their locations. Chandeliers used in kitchens will need more detailed cleaning due to oil and grease buildup, as well as dust sticking to the components due to moisture from sinks and stoves. In the simple cause that crystal chandelier is a grand in home décor and cleaning and caring for it is a must. Let it be known that it won’t clean by itself and certainly there is no automated machine that can do that. You may very well do that by yourself and you’ll see how good it feels doing it yourself.

Jron Magcale



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