Trump’s Triumph on Real Estate Panama

Donald Trump sure knows where to invest money well. Over the years the host of the hit reality-TV show “The Apprentice” has gained national attention by being successful in business most especially in real estate. Now he has found paradise where in where he chose to invest a condo/hotel that is rumored to have cost $220 Million. Well, Donald Trump’s hotel/condo building accountably 65-storey has hit the boom wild. People are raving about it and that probably gives smile to Mr. Trumps face.

Panama is a nature-rich country that is considered as a paradise with its exceptional beaches and great areas, Panama which drew comparisons to Miami because of its rich culture and similarities to its beachfront properties. Panama is no longer just a vacation spot for people but an investment hot spot as well. With the U.S. economic crisis and housing problems, Panama has gained world wide recognition and Trump has made it a home for his condo/hotel monolith.

Right now it has been a big part of Panama’s tourism success, there are also some new properties and high risers that has been rumored to be built in the area, thanks to Trump by spearheading the trend. The Trump Ocean Club hotel and condo is now getting bigger buzz than usual. Will it be the next big thing? Well, honestly it has become the attraction and with the emerging Panama tourism expects the country’s beauty to be known all throughout.

Jron Magcale


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