Blending Design with Your Modern Furniture

Next is your home’s color. If your not sure where to begin with your homes color scheme, get inspiration from a rug, a pillow, a painting, a towel, a tapestry or any one of your favorite things and look at the colors in it. If you like the way the colors look together in the object, and then you will be pleased with the way the colors look together throughout your home. Choose perhaps three to five colors to spread throughout your rooms. Make sure that each room has at least one of the three to five colors you have chosen in it. This will give your home a comfortable, harmonious, and balanced appearance. After you have chosen your colors make sure to contrast the wall and trim paint. The importance of this is you get to know which color set you’ll buy for your modern furniture that you’ll be using for your home.

For your modern furniture keep the big tickets items such as couches, love seats, or recliners neutral and accessorize with color. As far as furniture goes, don’t think that all the furniture should be shoved against a wall. Try to create groups of furniture into sitting areas, conversation areas, or reading areas. If you have large rooms try to create at least two groups of furniture in the room. Two chairs in front of a large window with an end table in between is a classic seating arrangement. Keep the chairs about 18″ away from the window in order for the drapes to hang easily and to be able to walk behind the chairs to open and close the windows. By bringing sofas, coffee tables, and chairs closer to each other it creates a more intimate area, that is easier for conversation, and much more inviting then having the furniture spread out.

When it comes to accessorizing with nick-knacks, and collections, there are a few main rules. First, always use odd numbers. One, three, five, seven, etc. Place one large piece alone on perhaps a small side table, or three pieces on a coffee table, or five pieces on a shelf. Try to keep the proportions even and the heights different. For example; put a tall, medium, and short object together. You can stack books, wooden boxes, or tin boxes to create height with objects. Second, it is best to keep collections together and not spread out in your home. If you have a collection of brass candle holders put them together. If you have a small art collection tries hanging them on one wall. Third, it looks great if like-kind materials, and colors are put together. Modern furniture comes handy to home and it gives your home the unique styles and elegance that you need.

Jron Magcale


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