Crystal Chandelier More than Just a Decor

Right when you hear the words crystal chandelier, immediate images probably come to mind: the rich, the famous, big mansions, tuxedos, and magnificent ballrooms. The reason they come to mind is because these light fixtures exude those qualities. Except they don’t have to belong in a fancy castle; they can be installed right in your own home, giving any house the feeling of elegance and class. Crystal chandeliers have the same impact as a centerpiece to a table. It grabs attention once you have it in your home, in which guests would praise you for the elegance it brings to your home. Without hesitation, crystal chandelier has gone tremendous leaps on going mainstream, in which to the point that every home can have one and enjoy it.

When buying these particular light fixtures, you’re also buying a status symbol. Therefore, be prepared: they are not cheap and it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy of high priced competition. Though it’s tempting, don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Don’t let the reputation that they bring to your home interfere with your own personal sense of style, especially when it comes to size. The best thing you can do is to make sure that the light fixture is in proportion with the size of the room. Unfortunately, bigger is often better. Often when homeowners install a smaller model, the room itself swallows it up, dwarfing what is supposed to be an impressive lighting decoration. But don’t get carried away, and don’t let the size dictate your purchase.

Another helpful tip is that though they can come in lots of extravagant designs with many lights attached which is more expensive by the way, crystal chandeliers are mostly meant to be decorative. You don’t have to buy the brightest model; they shouldn’t be the central light fixture in the room. Instead, look to other lighting options within the room like lamps, sconces, etc. to fill in the gaps. Plus, if it’s too bright, a glare can occur, so make sure you hang the fixture at the appropriate height 30″ from top of the table is a good rule of thumb, and possibly put it on a dimmer so that you have complete control over the level of light available.

We all know that there are tons of contemporary styles out there that may go well with your own unique style, but if you’re unsure about what direction to go in, it may be best to stick with more traditional looks that have been time-tested. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money for something that may go out of style in the next few years. These products can come in lots of different colors that could easily look dated rather quickly. Therefore, another way to keep updating your purchase is to buy temporary and replaceable colored shades for the bulbs. Not only do they block any bright glare that may occur, they make your crystal chandelier look unique and yet still capable of keeping up with continually changing styles. It is known that having it will definitely upgrade your décor and lighting for your home.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Crystal Chandelier More than Just a Decor”

  1. ocha Says:

    I supose most people do think of the big daunting foyer with a huge crystal chandelier when they firs think of a crystal chandelier. But there are lots of great chandliers with jewel tone crystals to give it a warmer look. Potpourri Emporium

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