Crystal Chandeliers Plays a Big Part on Your Home’s Improvement

We all know by now that dining rooms reflect consumer’s changing lifestyles. Once used solely for daily dining, this room has become more multipurpose. During the week, we use the dining room as a work zone, for homework, crafts, church work, organizational meetings and on the weekends and special occasions, it becomes a gathering place for parties and meals. So, the result? Dining rooms must boast multiple lighting options that can go from functional to fashionable in the flick of a switch. Like most people you probably want the best for your home so that it will leave a long and lasting impression to your guests and to the people that will get to see your home.

So, to get the best balance of illumination in the dining room, opt for layers
of light. “The most important thing a homeowner should recognize is that a
dining room does not look well-lighted if the only light source is a chandelier, a chandelier that is bright enough to illuminate a room will be too bright for comfort when dining. Likewise, if the chandelier’s light is comfortable on the eyes, it will be too dim and look flat. When choosing dining room lighting, start with a chandelier in the middle of the room, and then work out with accent lights. The chandelier will determine the room’s feeling. Use your imagination. In today’s more eclectic decor, even casual homes can have elegant dining rooms. It is actually all up to you to make your home a winner.

You might find casual wrought iron or brushed steel metal fixtures in the
home’s adjacent “great room” and wrought iron with crystal drops or
pendants in the dining room, creating a more romantic, softer setting. That’s perfectly acceptable. When selecting a chandelier, don’t worry about the fixture’s quality of light as much as its beauty and scale. Chandelier choices include everything from those with exposed bulbs to those with large alabaster diffusing bowls. Trends range from simple Mission-inspired models with mica glass to ornate
brass filigree with crystal pendants. Finish is the most important factor today and it should compliment surrounding furnishings and accessories; not match or contrast, the finish selected will then determine the material. Popular materials include brass, aluminum, wrought iron, other metal combinations, or composite materials.

Crystal chandeliers are one of the most traditional ways to compliment a dining room setting. Crystal chandeliers work to create an ethereal, magical look even if they are not turned on. A candlepower chandelier (those without electricity) is rated as one of the latest trends in dining room decor. It’s a phenomenon driven by people who want recessed lighting or candles on their table as their light source. Antique chandeliers were not wired for electricity originally, but were used for the way other light played off the crystal. I believe that crystal chandelier plays a big part on your home’s decoration improvement, be sure to incorporate it with the best combination of decors to show its significance.

Jron Magcale


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