Makeover Your Home for Miami Real Estate Market

In Miami real estate selling, it is evident that a house that shows well will sell faster and bring a higher price. Small cosmetic touch-ups can make a big difference. Buyers often suspect that more serious problems may exist if they notice the need for minor repairs.  The following are some suggestions that have worked well for past sellers and may offer you some ideas of how to go about and make your house look its finest. It never hurts to make an investment on your home because let’s face it Miami can offer a lot and you can easily left behind on some other sellers.

Remember that first impressions always last. Improve the curb appeal. Touch up paint if necessary. Be sure to make your home a great eye candy to buyers. Try to the lawn and landscaping should be neat and look maintained. The front door and entrance way should be clean and inviting. A pot of flowers by the front door, as a nice touch also park extra cars somewhere else, it helps believe me. It is important to show off your house, because it is your asset. Step one get rid of any clutter. Arrange furniture for an open feeling; too much furniture makes a room seem smaller. So bigger is always better.

For your lawn, flowers and plants add pretty touches to rooms. Kitchen counter tops should be free of clutter; put small appliances out of sight. Always think of it as another step. Remove the “artwork Post-its” from the refrigerator door, so you won’t have troubles on having overcrowded art on your ref. Clean fingerprints from light switches, walls and woodwork. A quick coat of paint works wonders. Use neutral colors like off-white. Organize the closets and cabinets; they will look bigger. Bathrooms and kitchens should be sparkling clean, that’s a cardinal sin if those are dirty. You want to impress, try to be clean.

In cleaning, always clean any mold and mildew especially from around the bathroom tile and fixtures or re-grout if necessary. Fix loose doorknobs, drippy faucets, torn screens, etc. Take care of pet, cigarette, and cooking odors with Potpourri or Air spray, clean carpets and deodorize plus open windows and air out the house. Miami real estate is a big market to play your cards into so you always need to come equipped.

Jron Magcale


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