Crystal Chandelier and Its Ways to Make Your Home Glare

We all know that your tastes are already reflected in the furniture, paint, and accessories you’ve chosen for your home. Be sure to choose a crystal chandelier that matches the style of your home, and more specifically, your dining room. A formal dining room with a rich mahogany dining set might call for a traditional crystal chandelier, while a modern, spare home cries out for a simple pendant design with a metal finish. Crystal chandelier offers so much and a big addition to your room for sure. Let it be known that crystal chandelier not only is a simple décor but a great lighting fixture as well.

There are other popular styles include mission chandeliers, which feature masculine, clean shapes and are often made in bronze or antiqued metal finishes with frosted amber glass or mica shades. This style is often featured in arts-and-crafts style homes. If by chance you have an ethnic-inspired home? A wrought iron chandelier is a handsome, bold fixture for your dining room. It also works well in Mexican or South American style rooms or Mediterranean-inspired motifs. Styles for sure dictates the mood of a room and the theme as well so be sure to consider crystal chandelier in your home’s motif.

For those of you with rustic decor, try a chandelier made of authentic or synthetic deer antlers. It’s a striking fixture for a log cabin, a country cottage, or even an eclectic, funky living space in the city. If you choose a chandelier with a metal finish, be sure it complements the other metals in the room. Don’t mix antiqued bronze with bright, shiny stainless steel, for example. Let it be known that there are important factors that you have to know in this exquisite lighting fixture.

Keep in mind that though the crystal chandelier is certainly an important design element in your dining room, it’s not meant to provide the sole lighting source. What works best is a number of light sources from fixtures such as wall sconces, recessed perimeter lighting, table lamps, and even candles. So it is important that you consider other lighting fixture to help the crystal chandelier to light the whole room. Although their purpose is known they may not be a stand-alone fixture. Crystal chandelier can always be the bear of good light in your home so get that advantage to your home.

Jron Magcale


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