Please Crowds with Magic Tricks

The truth about magic shows is that the show itself is part entertainment and part deception, not in a bad way though but performance-wise. A lot of the things that we witness or watch is made with misdirection and deception for our own entertainment of course. There are a lot of things that are in consideration of course but looking at it, we can see that there are a lot of ways that a performer or a magician can do for us to believe their so called magic. People are inclined to believe that “magic” can be the real thing but sometimes it is the other way around. We can be fooled by the kind of magic tricks that the magician or performer will do and most part of it can be really entertaining. We are used to believe that the magic shows can really be something that we can all be happy watching.

There are a lot of things that we can all see and of course enjoy in a magic show, people are used to watching the show and be filled with excitement once that drum roll hits the PA system. Then when the magician executes one of their magic tricks the crowd will be left in awe. Looking at it there are really things that we can learn from this performances, once of it is their timing and execution, every magic tricks has timing and well, execution. The reality of it is that when we have the chance to finally be in the stage and being the ones who are performing in front of the live audiences we all kind of try to relax and try to remember the timing and execution that the magic tricks requires. Enjoying the tricks can be a real joy to the masses and the crowd. There are real things that matter despite the performance uses tricks. The thing is with tricks is that it steps uses real-time execution; there are no simulation when you are making magic tricks.

We are all try to have in mind that with all things we see in a show, the magic tricks is always the number 1 arsenal of the performers or magicians. Imagine a singer who can’t sing or a dancer who can’t dance, a magician can’t do anything without its tricks, not necessary magic though but tricks. A person who wants to learn the arts of magic often try to emulate what they all see on other performance, not really copying but just trying to add it to their tools or their tricks. If one can make a trick that can be unique, other magicians would try to get the point of it and try to include it to their list of moves. It is nature for the magicians as they all try to share knowledge but not always. Magic tricks can be very much a good thing, because it entertains the audience, it can send the crowd into smiles and all that.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Please Crowds with Magic Tricks”

  1. sidmer Says:

    pano ba talaga ung magic totoo ba un!

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