Element of Surprise Key for Magic Tricks

It is really great to watch shows live, the performance is always amusing, whether it’s a musical, dance, or stage play but somehow a certain show offers more. The excitement, the amusement and the well-known element of surprise, you might be a little bit puzzled on what I am talking about. Well, I am pertaining to the wonderful world of Magic shows that is one of the most surprising things that you’ll watch. It definitely has a lot of elements to just one show but realistically it is motored by one thing, the magic tricks. Well I think that most people already know that the show is run by magic tricks that are being well executed by the magician or the main performer. Although people know that it is a show, some still looks at it as another thing that some people have in their minds. Obviously it is just a show, but for some it is more that that.

Magic tricks are often a hard thing to do, if you don’t know the basic, you might get lost, it’s that hard to accomplish, most people knows how it’s done, sometimes it is just a simple trick but most of the time it can be really hard, it is the execution of the trick that makes it really good. The tricks are also something that the performers have studied and practice over and over so that it can be mastered, so when the show comes, they will have a great performance and can make their tricks seems real. That is something that most people are really looking at. As a performer of course you have the code of ethics on how things are performed and one big rule is to never let others know about your magic tricks, it is a thing that most magicians are bound to honor. You don’t want your tricks to be copied or something, right? So, you better keep your tricks in secrecy.

A lot of people have been really keen on learning a lot about magic tricks, for some it is just a simple thing but for most it can be a hobby that can ultimately lead into an occupation. There are famous magicians that we all know, like, David Copperfield, David Blaine Harry Houdini etc. they all like most magicians have perfected their craft, it is something that they give attention and time, just like any other, patience is a virtue with the magicians, they know that in order to learn a magic it’ll take blood, sweat and tears or something close to it, it’ll take time, that’s for sure so when you are looking on learning magic tricks, you should know more about it and study the basics, I’m pretty much sure that you won’t going to learn it overtime so might as well give it time. Magic tricks can sometime be easy and sometime hard, it’s up to you if you want to learn or just be a spectator.

Jron Magcale


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