Talking Photography with Dog Pictures

Taking a photo shoot with a dog is kind of fun, people might think it is hard because dogs need to be trained so that a photographer can get a good shot at them, well that is not always the case. We all know that a dog is a beautiful animal, it has a lot of breeds that can make you pick which is the best, and so with that a dog is best in front of the camera. It doesn’t necessary needs a trainer for them to have a good pictorial rather just get the proper timing for them. Well, dog pictures are great to have and collecting it is another hobby that you can be fond with. Dogs are interesting creatures and we all know that they are indeed man’s best friend. So when taking a picture of a dog, what are the things that we should keep in mind?

Apparently there is a lot but sometimes the basic terms can be useful, so I am here to give you some helpful tips on taking a dog’s picture:


Well most people thinks it is a cliché but actually having focus on taking a good picture especially with animals (In this case a dog) can be really useful, we have to be serious on looking for a good shot and come prepared with it. Our focus will determine our willingness to take the dog picture.

Patience is a Virtue

We all know that dogs unlike humans can’t really fake emotions or can do whatever we want in one sitting. So, patience come a big factor in it. We should have patience on taking their pictures, although there are trained dogs that can post in a pictorial, a great amount of patience is still needed to be able to get the perfect dog picture that we always aims for.

Timing and Coordination

Well, when taking dog pictures a lot has to be in consideration, when we finally have everything prepared we should now try to focus on getting the picture, sometimes it is the hard part because you need to get the right timing and coordination to get the perfect shot. Sometimes the light maybe off, the dog might move or not in  a proper angle, so if we have timing on it, we might get the shot that we wanted.


To finish everything off, your execution on taking the picture can come in handy, this is where you have to get a good picture the execution of the shot should be in great shape to get everything in single coordination. Execution is really important is you might as well take that in note. Remember that dog pictures can always be a great collection and if you want to make dog pictorial as a hobby you may want to take note on what I just explained.

Jron Magcale


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