Juggling The Miami Real Estate’s Progress Over the Years

The point being a big consideration in Miami is that there are tons of potential that we can get, most of it being in a good side and I think that with the entire buzz in the market we should know more about our own market, kind of be knowledgeable and aware of your own market. Miami real estate has always been pointed out as a potential-rich market due to the number of tourists that comes to the area every year. Having been known as a popular hotspot Miami real estate has seen its ups and of course its lows over the years. And I think that personally the commotion over it is simple, Miami real estate thrives in what we call a “hot and cold” market.

Hot and Cold

Well, if you don’t know what a hot and cold market is, it is simply the phase of your market, like in a few years it’ll be in boom and then will slide after and go into a slump that eventually will come to a bust and then the process repeats itself. Miami real estate has shown that tendency as we have seen based on forecast and numbers as well over the past 3 years we witnessed the boom in Miami and now present time we are seeing a big, big slump. Much of it is caused by the global economic crisis that has been a big distraction for most market not only in America but in the world. The thought of Miami being the kind of market that it is right now is simple, it follows a system that is built for a cycle-like approach. Miami real estate can be both way it can go up or hot or down and cold with a snap of a finger.

Fair Value Market

Right now the median price of an average Miami real estate is at $150,000 – $350,000 which actually according to the experts is on the “Fair Value Market”, it is safe to assume that it is on the average but right now, its value have deteriorate from its hay days when it was enjoying a $250,000 average on its homes, in which we all know is a good number. Right now, there are actually some factors that have been seen with a relative effect on the market. The fair value of properties has been on a shakedown and with some important points the market might get a significant boost.

Miami real estate is really a market to look at, if you’re an investor you’ll have the points on making it into the marketplace, sure there would be rough days maybe have it extended to some point but the fact is Miami boast potential, I can say that with confident because looking at how the market has surge form the past and the current downfall, we can say that like a bouncing ball, Miami real estate can bounce, it can be high and it can fall to the ground with such velocity. Either way it will still see its way through, I think it is a good sign for any market.

Jron Magcale


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