Magic Tricks: The SwitcherooCArd Trick

Believe me when I say that one of the best magic tricks out there are card tricks, yes, it never goes out of style and is always performed by a lot of magicians. It is one of the oldest magic tricks in the book and some of them are easy to learn. It is said that once you are able to do some basic magic tricks, you can be on your way on learning other magic tricks that would be a great point for you as you go a long. So let, I give you one of the easiest and fun magic tricks out there. The Switcheroo card trick, basically it is a switching trick that has never failed to impress the audience. So, learning it can be a good step to fins your way on the magic trick genre.

Preparations First

Ok, before starting the card trick, find the two black 6’s and the two black 9’s. (Note that the 6 of Spades, the 6 of Clubs, the 9 of Spades, and the 9 of Clubs.) Then, take the 6 of Spades and the 9 of Clubs and place one of them on the top of the deck and the other on the bottom. Keep the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades separate. It is important to follow these instructions and prepare it for you to be ready on executing your magic tricks.
Performing the Feat

Ok, now read carefully so you know what to do first, show the deck of cards to your audience. Hold the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades in front of the person. Ask them to tell you what cards they are. They will say the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades, of course. Ask them if they are sure. They will say that they are sure. Then hold up either of the cards and ask them what card it is. After they respond, place that card in the middle of the deck. Now do the same with the other card. It is imperative that you follow the steps as it is and do not make any sudden change or else you’ll be messed up.

Next, once both cards are inside the deck, place it down on the table and tell the person to tap the deck three times. After that ask them if they have any magic moon dust, or anything that you can come up with to make it seems entertaining. If they say, no say you will loan them some and reach into your pocket and pretend to sprinkle dust on the cards. If they say yes, tell them there’s no such thing as magic moon dust. Now rub your hands together and blow on them so your fingers are slightly moist. Performance wise it is an important part of the trick.  Nest up is picking up the deck by putting your thumb on top and your other fingers on bottom. Hold the deck very lightly. Swing the deck back and forth, and on the third swing throw the deck to your other hand, but make sure you hold onto the top and bottom card. Your moistened fingers will help.

To finish off, after all that, your victim will still remember the cards, but only vaguely. When you show them the 6 of spades and 9 of clubs that you “pre-placed” they will be astounded, unless they have an awesome memory, it is really all about execution for this magic trick so it is pretty much important to make it as real as possible to make it worthwhile.

Jron Magcale


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