5 Easy Steps in Installing Bathroom Mirrors

It is a little bit underrated to pay no attention to our bathroom mirrors. But when it breaks or damage we give it much attention as any other stuff in the house. Well, little that people know that it is a bit of work to install a bathroom mirror if you don’t know a lick about it. Well, one of the most important features in a bathroom, as it is looked into everyday, a bathroom mirror must not only be straight but secure as well. Correctly install a bathroom mirror that will stay put, by following these simple steps. These steps will help you a lot and will give you idea on how to make it, in case you need to install a bathroom mirror once again.

First Step: Of course, you have to examine the mirror and make sure it came with four clips to hold it in place. Most mirrors are prepackaged with clips, but in case they aren’t, measure the thickness of the mirror and then go to the hardware store to look for some L-shaped clips to screw into your wall and hold your mirror in place. The first step will finally set you up for sure on fixing your bathroom mirror in place.

Second Step: People knows that there are work to be done, so next is place a level up against the wall with the top portion of the level positioned where you want the bottom of your mirror to be. Draw a straight line on the wall with a pencil. Draw the line longer than the width of the mirror. The lines should be accurate so that you won’t have any troubles on sizing because it is important to know numbers in things like this.

Third Step: Another measuring on this step, measure the width of your mirror. Mark two dots on the level line where the clips will screw into the wall. Position the clips at the corner of the mirror. Install the clips onto the wall using screws and a cordless drill. Marking and stalling the clips is really important, we should be careful on this so that nothing bad would happen when we are ready to install the mirror.

Fourth Step: The height is another important measurement for the piece. Measure the height of the bathroom mirror. Use this measurement to mark two more dots with the pencil where the top two clips should go. Attach the bottom of the ruler to the lower clips and make the mark. Draw lines from the bottom clips to the top dots and use the level to make sure the lines are straight.  Again I must tell you that the accuracy on this numbers is really vital and you should know that it is really important for your installation.

Fifth Step: Now double checking what you did is a vital step, verify that the space between the top dots is the same distance apart as the bottom clips. You need to make sure that everything is made nicely and nothing will go wrong as we move forward.  Then you are ready to install the bathroom mirror and it will be easy from here on out. Securing the clips should be a priority and after doing the 5th step, you are almost finish. Remember that bathroom mirrors should be installed with care so that no accidents will occur.

Jron Magcale


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