Modern Bed Sizes Does Matter

Well, most of the buyers and consumers have been asking the same question. How in the world is anyone supposed to know the difference between all the modern bed sizes on the market today? Even the sales person in your local department store bed department might not really have all the facts. It can be very confusing, which in time can be very annoying if you can’t get them right. I think that with the thought of this matter being a priority, we have to be aware on the uses of it of course. And if you think you’re sure that a King is larger than a Queen, you might not know just how much larger.

Ok, let’s start with the basic, what exactly is the difference between the different sizes of beds available?  Well, right about now we’re going to help you understand the sizes of beds on the market and how to decide which one is right for your needs.

Starting with the Twin beds are also known as single beds. They’re the most common choice for children’s rooms or multi-use guest rooms. These beds are narrow and fit easily into the smallest bedroom. Its overall dimensions: 39″ wide x 75″ long”, its Width per person: 39″

Next is the Twin Extra Long beds are 5″ longer than a standard twin. They’re often used in college dorm rooms to accommodate tall teens. Often preferred by people who live together, it is one of the choices that people looks into in terms of bed size. Its Overall dimensions: 39″ wide x 80″ long and it’s Width per person: 39″

If you know those 2 you very well know your way into the modern bed scene. It is important you would know the difference because in due time, you will know the importance of it and will help you a lot when you cross the road of modern bed buying. Sometimes it can be really confusing but if you ever got the chance to take time and read about stuff regarding the modern bed sizes, you would know how important it is for you.

Jron Magcale


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