Simply Quality and Elegance Observed with Crystal Chandelier

Well, quite simply, the crystal chandelier is one of the most important décor to a home, it derives a lot to our home and gives our home a certain swag. So, when it comes to measuring it for your home you should be knowledgeable at least. We advise simply adding the length and the width of your room and using this sum, in inches as your starting point. For example, if your room is 12′ x 14′, we would suggest looking at 26″ wide chandeliers. You may choose to go down in size if your room is close and full of furniture, or you may choose to go up a bit if it is a rather open room. If you are hanging your fixture in a two story foyer, remember that the higher you hang a chandelier, the smaller it looks, so you might want to consider going a little larger than what the formula recommends.

Also remember that if you are hanging your chandelier in a room with a low ceiling where it is necessary to walk under the chandelier, you might need to go smaller than the formula suggests. Whatever the case, we will be happy to help you determine the proper size. If you look at the width, my advice is simply whatever fits. For a dining room, measure your ceiling height, subtract your table height (approximately 30″), subtract the distance between the table and the final point of the chandelier (30-34″), subtract 4″ for your ceiling hook-up, and the leftover is the space for the chandelier. You may fill as much or as little of it as you like. Of course, high ceilings look better with tall chandeliers, and you can always cover excess chain with a fabric sleeve if you don’t like the look of the chain.

But in scenarios like if you must walk under a fixture, 6 ½’ or more is usually an appropriate distance from the floor. Again, remember that the provided hook-up plus the necessary one link of chain equals 4″. The length of all of our chandeliers is approximate and includes the chandelier from the metal loop in the top of the fixture to the very bottom of the final ball/pendant. Another question comes to mind like how far from the surface of the table a crystal chandelier should be hanged? Well, I think about 32″ to 34″ from the top of the table. This is low enough to complement your table settings, but high enough to be out of the way. If you like large center pieces, you may consider going a little higher. Remember that the measurement of the lighting fixture is always important to give attention to. Your crystal chandelier should have the proper size so that it would complement the room very well.

Jron Magcale


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