Re-Arranging Modern Furniture for Better Options

Well, if you own modern furniture, you might have tinkered on the possibility of you re-arranging your stuff. It is a good thought, if you want to experiment on designs and combinations that will further help you get the best out of your modern furniture. You can thoughtfully arrange the living areas in your home so they can function properly. Arrange a table to conveniently seat family, guest and friends. Planning ahead saves time and energy by getting the arrangement right the first time. These suggestions show how to properly arrange furniture for maximum enjoyment. It is all up to you on what you may decide for your modern furniture but remember to always take necessary steps to make it happen. It is not just a simple task, but not as hard as well, all you have to do is be able to know what to do.

Map a Furniture Plan

Ok, in this step you will be allowed to test the many possible arrangements of the modern furniture on paper before actually placing it in the room. In this way you will save energy and time on trying to moving furniture, you need to have a plan in order for you to get the best possible result for your modern furniture.

Sketch the Outline of the Floor

This next step is quite important for you, it will determine your next moves and you will have to be cautious on doing this. Include fixed features such as doors, windows, fireplaces, shelving and radiators. Mark the placement of electrical, cable outlets and telephone jacks. Sketching it will further help you on getting the job done easily.

Add Dimensions to the Sketch

Now, we go to dimensions. Mark the measurement of each detail. Measure from baseboard to baseboard for room length and width. It is important because we are talking about measurements here, numbers and sizes. You need to know what you are doing in this one, to get the idea for this. I think that with all of this being prepared you’ll get the idea on how to make your arrangement be in good position.

Create a Scale Drawing

Now, more paper and pencil action here. Create a scale drawing of the room using a 1/2 inch scale. Search online for “graph paper” and download the correct size for the room. This is another helpful step that would give you ideas on scales, in relation to how you are going to get the position of the room itself.
Placing Shapes and Reworking the Plan

Now you need to place the shapes on the room grid and move them around to a suitable arrangement. Allow 36 inches for traffic lanes, 14 to 18 inches between the sofa and coffee table, and 36 inches of clearance for a door to swing open. Allow 42 to 60 inches of space to pull out a chair from a desk. Rework the plan on paper to achieve a functional design for the room. Place the modern furniture and accessories in the space once the design is complete.  And with that everything is finished up and you have your own arrangement of your modern furniture in an accurate way.

Jron Magcale


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