Remove the Crystal Chandelier the Safe Way

Ok, so let me tell you that when it comes to crystal chandelier you should always have the knowledge on how to install and remove it. If you as why? Well, if you don’t know how to do both, how are you going to able to clean it or replace parts? Yeah, well installing and removing are 2 different things. It is a known thing and people who own a crystal chandelier are aware of it because it is simply one of the most important things to know about crystal chandelier and simply learning t can be quite an experience.

Right now let me teach you some step by step procedure on how to remove a crystal chandelier.

What do you need?

Wire Nuts
Pliers with rubber-insulated handles
Circuit Tester

Cut The Power to the Light Fixture – This is important because we know the hazard of being electrocuted, it is better to be on the safe side rather than on danger. Well, it is the first thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to have a safe run at it, I suggest you do what I say.

Remove the Escutcheon Plate from the Chandelier.- This step is for you to start things up, to carefully put the crystal chandelier into its pieces, you need to first remove the escutcheon plate, in that way the nest steps will be made with ease.

Unscrew the Wire Nuts – Well, right now you have to go and try to unscrew the wire nuts so that you can carefully remove the next parts, be sure to put the wire nuts to a place where you can easily find them to avoid losing them, it is pretty much important to have them on a safe zone.

Apply a Circuit Tester to the Exposed Wires to Ensure the Power to the Circuit is Off – Well just to be in the safe side, you need to double check on the electricity on this one. It is really important that the power to the circuit is off, so that you’ll be safe and to avoid, accidents.

Using a Pair of Pliers, Open a Link in the Chandelier’s Suspension Chain – Now right here you need to follow instruction real close. Now the suspension link is your connection of the chandelier and the ceiling. If you can open that using pliers, you can get it down afterwards.

Now you are all good, you have successfully removed a crystal chandelier from a ceiling, it’ll now be easier for you to clean it or upgrade it, just remember always stay on the safe side, follow instructions and be knowledgeable on what you do.

Jron Magcale


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