First Time Investing with Miami Pre-construction Real Estate

One of the biggest concern for first time real estate investors are the concern of having their way on the real estate types. Investing in Miami preconstruction real estate means you are investing in the promise of a finished product that will sell or rent well right away or later on. Choosing the area or development and negotiating your return on investment are important factors in making a profit. It is a big thing to understand that Miami preconstruction real estate investing is not as complicated as it looks like. With more people looking to really invest money and invest in its market, it is safe to say that it can have potential, if you know your way in its market as well. It is a big step but it may be beneficial for you in the long run.

First thing to remember is to decide on what amount of time you want to hold the investment. This will include contacting a Realtor to find developments with the appropriate building time and trying to determine how quickly the finished products can be rented or sold to a homeowner or other investor. If you want to be on the safe side you can very well consider trying to gain as many information as you can so that you can have a significant ideas about the market and how things work, so in retrospect it can really be a good investment sink your teeth in.

Ok. If you have gather info that you need regarding the Miami preconstruction real estate, sign a contract with the builder and plan on giving a 10 percent deposit that will be refunded until the units are complete. You will do this to reserve your investment. Take advantage of a bulk rate is you are selecting a block of units. It is a good step to make so that at least you will get your investment in the safe zone, as long as the contract is on a significant point, there is no problem with it.

Now you need to enter into an additional contract to commit to your units after the developer pre-sells all the homes. You will be required to provide another 10 percent down payment. Inspect the finished product after you have obtained a Certificate of Occupancy. Make a list of any imperfections to present to the builder. Obtain financing for the balance of the properties’ market worth. Rent, sell or lease to own the property depending on which will give you more earning leverage. These steps can assure you of a good future investment that can later become a good thing for you. Miami preconstruction real estate is indeed a nice investment options, you just need to realize its potential.

Jron Magcale


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