Learning Steps with Magic Tricks

Well, it is always fun and exciting to watch magic shows, because for one, it never fails to entertain audience with their breath taking magic tricks and great performance. Simply, magic is enjoying renewed popularity across the globe thanks to a new generation of performers such as Criss Angel and David Blaine in the US and Derren Brown in the UK. Follow these steps to learn some simple magic tricks of your own. It is a great thing that those people have captivated the minds of the masses, catapulting the magic tricks’ popularity in to greater heights. Of course it is almost impossible to copy their tricks, but it never hurts to try.


Probably the first step on magic tricks is learning a few easy tricks by visiting the local library and looking for books on basic magic or “self working” tricks. These commonly can be found in the large chain bookstores as well. Self study would be a great first step simply because you will be able to explore and get yourself started.

From Basic to Boogie

Now, graduate to more advanced tricks and techniques if still interested after performing magic tricks found in the easy books. Jumping from basic to advance will make your progress a lot faster. People often looks at this as a different thing, but I think barring on the same way you can learn, your progress will be closely watched.

Finding Your Forte

Specialize in a certain genre of magic. Well, this is an important part, it would be almost impossible to learn every single magic trick in the book, so, choose a weapon of your choice. This will be extremely helpful on mastering your own craft when it comes to magic tricks. Be sure to make the magic tricks seems like your art, to further impress the audience.

Advance Materials Needed

Ok, now that you are progressing, next stuff is finding advance materials. After becoming proficient at performing magic tricks and establishing basic skills, DVDs can be a valuable learning resource. It can give you valuable tricks and can be a great tool for your learning experience. You should always try to learn and trying to get advance material would definitely help you hone your craft.

Watch and Learn

Now, this is a tip, study other magicians and performers to gain insights on performing magic tricks. There are several free podcasts such as “Go Magic Go” and “iTricks,” magazines and Internet groups that cover the magic industry. IT is really a good way to start everything up for you to learn more and be more efficient in your magic tricks.

Join the Club

Now, once, you know your way into the magic industry, next stuff, is finding allies that could help your progress. Join a magic group to exchange ideas and learn from other magicians. In the United States the two largest groups are the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. It is pretty much an important thing to have insights shared so that you can learn more for you to have a good career at the art.

Jron Magcale



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