Performing Magic Tricks is Part of the Act

On every magic shows, we all witness everything that goes down. It is fun to have magic shows having entertainment on their performances as well it is some kind of a bonus, in my opinion. There comes a time when doing magic tricks is no longer enough and the aspiring magician wishes to perform magic tricks. The difference is simple. When one performs, it is a coherent routine of magic tricks crafted into a single work of entertainment, while doing a trick is a mere demonstration. While it is easy to describe how to perform magic, the actual practice can be challenging.  It is more than just difference in verbs, but its more of having the 2 words have different impact to the one uses them. Right now the average magician would not settle for just having to be able to execute a trick, they want to flavor on their craft and actually perform.

So, what does it take to make a good performance on magic shows? Well, first, you need to choose a performing persona. The great magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdini once said “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician,” and this is essentially true. Every successful magician portrays a character when they perform. That is why most of us are entertained and somewhat satisfied on the kind of performance each magician does. It is a really good starting point on magic shows.

Now, next up is evaluating all potential magic tricks for a performance against the character that is being created. Simply ask if it makes since for the character to perform these magic tricks. For example, a mad scientist character would probably not mesh well with card tricks while a riverboat gambler would. It is all about setting your priorities straight and knowing what to do on certain situations. Establish a link between the selected magic tricks. The overall goal is to create an entertaining routine with magic tricks that flow together in a sensible manner. It is often helpful to establish a theme to connect the magic tricks. It is important to know those by heart so that you will know your way on the stage.

Now, the next step will be quite easy. Arrange the magic tricks in an order that maintains the entertainment but allows for the “dirty work” of magic to be accomplished. For example, if an effect requires a live weasel to be strapped to one’s chest, the weasel should be produced and freed before the effect that fires a cannonball into one’s torso. Acquire the proper wardrobe for the character being portrayed. Make sure that any required props make sense for the character as well. Study acting and, if the performance is meant to be funny, study comedy too, if seriously pursing magic as a career, take classes in performance skills and stage craft. Performing magic tricks can really be a good thing as long as you know how to really perform your act.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Performing Magic Tricks is Part of the Act”

  1. Brian Says:

    A very insightful article. Mostly I do a card tricks when I have guests. If my 25year olds on has some mates over to watch a football game on TV I usually get a chance to do one trick for them. But, as you say, these are not performances. And since it is the same audience each time I have to try something new every time.

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