Taking Nice Dog Pictures is Easy as 1, 2, Click!

Well some might argue on taking dog pictures, but let me be the one to tell you that taking a picture of your dog does not have to be a difficult task. Finding the right place, getting your dog in the right position and taking the shot is all you need to do. It my sound pretty much hard but let me give you an insight that it can very well be a simple thing to do. Although dog pictures are often admired by many, it is not really a hard task to do, in fact to can be easy as One, Two, Click! All you have to do is pay attention on what you are doing and be sure that you have knowledge on what you do. Patience is another thing that one must learn upon taking dog pictures.

5 Steps on Taking Dog Pictures

First Step – This is an easy one, because most of you have already doing this. Teach your dog a good, solid stay command. This will make the photo shoot go much more smoothly. Although sometimes can be hard to do, having the ability to make your dog stay in a solid command would make your life easy. I think that people fails to think that taking dog pictures can be something that has to have effort on both you and the dog as well.

Second Step – Next is once your dog does a good stay command, find a good place to take the picture. A nice spot in a scenic park, the beach, a room set up with some lighting and a back drop. The scene or background should be given attention to, I think that it is important that you will have a set up that you will be using so that you can execute the pictorial really well.

Third Step – Put your dog in a sit, down or stands position and gives the command “Stay.” This is where some patience on your part comes in. If you put too much pressure on your dog there is a good chance that your dog will start to pick up on your vibes and the whole shot could be much more difficult than it has to be. The best thing to do is relax and have fun with the whole process. Patience is a virtue here, like I said earlier this will test your patience and with that being said, you need to have good faith on what you do.

Fourth Step – Once you have your dog in the stay position and you’re ready to take the photo, say your dog’s name. To get a really good photo you want your dog to look at the camera. To get the best shot, say your dog’s name and squeak the toy. This will usually get your dog’s attention. If your dog is not interested in the toy or it get your dog to excited wave the treat to get your dog’s attention. This maybe tricky but once you pull this one off you will have a good picture waiting for you. It is important that you can make your dog look in the camera for you.

Fifth Step – Last Step, once your dog is looking at you, take the picture. With a little practice you’ll start getting great photos of your dog.  And voila you have a good dog picture. Practice makes perfect always remember that so, if you really want taking dog picture as a hobby you have to learn the 5 steps so that you can have a good dog picture.

Jron Magcale


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