How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink Properly

Well, we are sometimes get it all confused when we are considering our home’s prime commodities. Well, let us talk about stainless steel sink, we might get a different idea on it because of its name, “Stainless Steel”, despite the name, stainless steel sinks do get stained and dirty. But with a little work, you can have your stainless steel sink looking like new again in no time. Completely scrub down the surface of your entire sink using a powdered cleanser such as Ajax, Comet or Barkeeper’s Friend. Don’t forget the drain and the drain catcher. It is imperative that you pay close attention on cleaning it with the right tools to avoid any damages on the sink itself. There are specialized cleansers that are made for it, so always have a good idea on it so you won’t get it in a different way.

Now sometimes there are some stains that can be a bit hard to clean, you can clean it with the edge of a butter knife carefully scrape away the gunk that builds up around the edges of the sink and around the faucet. If you want to keep a flawless look on your stainless steel sink, you need to follow this direction. Do not take it for granted because it may help you in the long run. Being cautious and ready is always a good way to approach it. Your stainless steel sink should be taken care of the right way, so I suggest you do it that way.

Now, to get the stains off, you nee to thoroughly rinse the powdered cleanser from the sink, this will get it washed and you can see the result in just a few minutes. Washing it carefully would be a wise thing to do because you may get the stains off but there can be some extra stains that will be seen on it. Now, Scrub the entire surface of your stainless steel sink with a dampened steel wool pad in a circular motion. Be careful not to scrub your faucet as this could leave scratch marks. Use plenty of elbow grease and you will soon see your stainless steel sink shining like new. Like I said, you need to give it the proper care, if you want your stainless steel to have that glow, be sure that you do it correctly, just to be sure of course.

For added shine buff the sink with a bit of lemon oil or olive oil, this will bring an added shine on your stainless steel sink. it may sure be a good finishing tough for your cleaning.  To keep your sink looking like new wipes it down with a dish cloth after each use. It will most likely maintain the nice clean look for your stainless steel sink. Always give it the right and proper cleaning so that it can always have that great shiny new look.

Jron Magcale


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