Take Advantage of Making Miami Commercial Real Estate Ad

I think that right now there are a lot of things that an individual should think about when investing in Miami commercial real estate, you need to cover all of your bases. If you’re selling a Miami commercial real estate; consider the interests of the prospective buyer of commercial property. They’re different than the residential real estate shopper. Write an attention-getting ad for commercial property. Yes, that’s right your own commercial real estate ad. It is important because you can draw some interest with it, it can really be a good thing to do to start you up.

Give Information

Well of course, give accurate details of any structures on the property. List the full dimensions of the footprint of the building, list square footage of various interior areas. Detail available warehouse space, office space, meetings areas, bay and utility areas and retail space. Detail the exterior space regarding acreage, zoning and land use. Be specific about parking areas, any additional structures and their uses, and the possibility of future expansion. It is a good thought that you will give accurate information so that you won’t have problems when you finally have buyers and ask about what your property really have.

Get the Location There

One thing to make your ad good is to tell the reader exactly where the property is located. Make specific references to distances from highways, airports and areas landmarks as applicable. Discuss neighboring properties, what kind of businesses operate nearby and what kind of traffic is generated as a result. In that way, they won’t be lost and have the location of your real estate be on an accurate note.

Give Building History

Of course, you should be honest on giving correct history of the building. List previous uses of the building and relative success, you should state traffic and gross income generated by the property in commerce, product, sales or other units as applicable. So, that the buyers would have an idea on the property that they are going to buy or purchase, let them get the right info about the commercial properties past, for them to have an idea on how profitable the establishment will be.

Name and Details

Well, it is also important that you name the business currently operating at the site. Briefly mention why the property and/or business is now for sale. List all fixtures and equipment that may be included in the sale, detail the general condition of major elements of the property, and specify asking price, terms of the sale and any special options the seller offers. Include information about tax incentives and financing options. In that way you’re Miami commercial real estate property ad would be in good and accurate stand for your buyers to have more interest on it.

Jron Magcale


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