Installing Kitchen Sink the Easy Way

Well it is such a known fact that when you look at your kitchen, your kitchen sink always comes as an important part of your home improvement. And if you want to replace it or remodel it, you can do it yourself really. So, why pay a plumber for something that you can easily do yourself? If you can take accurate measurements and hold a screwdriver, then you can install a kitchen sink. It is not really a hard thing to do because it can be easily done by yourself if you just know what to do or follow the basic tips on it. Follow the steps below to save some money and accomplish a do-it-yourself task in very little time.

Measuring – Measure the opening in the countertop in which you are going to install the kitchen sink. There are standard sizes for sinks and you want to make sure you get the proper size and shape. You need to keep this in mind because it will help you on determining the basic things you need to know about your kitchen sink. This is probably one of the most important things that you need to look at simply because it will be the basis of how your kitchen sink would look.

Hit the Mall – Next is you need to shop for the kitchen sink that you will install. There are choices of stainless steel or porcelain and shallow or deep bowl sinks. Of course you have to know what kind of kitchen sink that you want because it will be a big factor in your decision. Shopping for the best kitchen sink that you would want is a big thing as well. Be sure to know what you want and determine the factors that you would need on the piece.

Keep Everything Well – Turn the water supply off. Flip the new sink over on top of the countertop next to where you will install and place the sink strainers and faucet on the kitchen sink before you place the sink in the opening. It is easier to do it this way than from the underside of the sink. Apply a line of plumber’s putty or caulk around the entire under edge of the sink. This will make a water tight seal.

Fix it Properly – Turn the sink right side up and place it in the opening. Press down around the edge where you have the putty or caulk. Attach sink mounting clips and tighten with a screwdriver. Install the p-trap pipe and hook up the faucet lines to cold and hot sides. Turn the water back on and flush out the new pipes. Now that everything is on place, you need to now check everything if it’s all ok. Then you are done, kitchen sink is now in place.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Installing Kitchen Sink the Easy Way”

  1. Schumacher Homes Says:

    My cousin is coming over this week to help me install a new kitchen sink so this is very helpful, and timely. I will definitely show him these tips. Thanks.

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