Performing Arts with Your Very Own Magic Tricks

It’s not like an easy task, having to know more magic tricks can be a good thing but how about performing it? Any magician who performs a routine, whether it is on the stage or on the streets, knows exactly in what order his tricks will be done. These orders are not thrown together randomly. In fact, a tremendous amount of thought goes into arranging the order of these tricks. This tutorial will help you to understand how to organize the tricks in your routine and how to transition seamlessly from one to the next. Magic tricks are performance based and if you are a struggling magician, you should know better. You need a plan, some sort of a game plan to make your show be on a high note, so let me give you some steps that would be very helpful.

Ok, so let’s start with the pre-show preparation, before performing, list the tricks you know how to perform. It is really important because you need to make an order of what you would perform in front of your live audience, most people would not care about it, but let me tell you that it is important that you pay close attention to this. The details and whatnot, you should also arrange the tricks in order from easiest to hardest. In that way the hardest will be played as your finale, the one that would be your encore. Of course you don’t want to perform something that would be an easy cheap trick; you want something riveting, so putting the hardest as the last can be helpful.

Next are you needed to choose a small amount of them and decide how they are best organized? Remember that a magic routine should seem like one big trick, not a series of small tricks. Transitioning seamlessly will not allow spectators to think you are doing something else. It will all seem like one trick. So you better take note on this tip and see what you can do with it. Play with your tricks and be sure to make some good moves on it. Start with a card trick that involves the spectator memorizing a card. It will be a good filler and would entertain the crowd, plus the interaction with you and the crowd will be a nice touch into your magic show.

Continue with that chosen card until eventually letting the spectator keep the card. Since you no longer have the card, you are forced to move onto another series of tricks. See how this works? You organize them in a logical fashion that allows you do present multiple tricks as one and then seamlessly move on. Now that the card tricks are over, bring out a coin, or take your routine into another direction. Lastly, always leave them wanting more! Stop transitioning after you reach the climax of your performance. At their biggest reaction, no matter what it comes, walk away. It will give them the same effect that a cliffhanger in a television show or movie can give. With that kind of performance I think you’ll be known noted and will be in good standing. Your magic tricks will be much appreciated and you’ll have the crowd captured for sure.

Jron Magcale


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