Getting Good Shots with Your Dog Pictures

We are always entertained by our dogs, they are known as man’s best friend, and I second that motion, dogs really are adorable, so if your pet canine wants his picture to be similar to his personality, then here are some great tips to make your photos the awesome. These tips are really great because we can have them on a level in which we all can benefit from. A lot of people want to get the best for their pets and I think it is just right to know the basics that should further help us making our pet dog’s pictures the best out there; we can make them look real good for sure.

Eye Level – Ok this is one of the most important part, you have to make your photos eye level. Because we have the advantage of two legs, we tend to shoot down instead of at an eye level. For your next picture, get down on your knees to get that pretty face in the frame. The balance of the picture itself has an impact, so you always need to take that in consideration. I know that there could be differences at times, but let me give you the points that having taken the picture at eye level will greatly give you a good dog picture.

Close Encounters – Well, although far shot pictures can focus on the surroundings and background, it is pretty much better to have it closer. You have to make your pictures close and personal. Looking through my shots, my best photos are of my doggie really close. Those photos where I can see his eyes and his fur are more exciting to me than those of him roaming the beach 20 feet away. And his features are barely noticeable. So my tip will be you focus on the picture in details and the best way to go at it is going closer on the picture itself.

Pair with the Master – Next is take pictures with the owner in it. I believe some of the cutest pictures are when we are together. This gives him a level of comfort and he refrains from posing. Because the owner can show emotions, you can take it in the picture and let the owner show you a great interaction with the pet, it is fairly a good shot that would extract creativity in the shot as well.

Background Familiarity – You should make the surroundings familiar to be comfortable. At the house, in the backyard, close to the doggie bowl, it is important because your dog might be hesitant on the shot if he or she isn’t familiar with the surroundings.  Those are all places he roams and loves making those photos that much more loveable. I think that if you do this, you will get the dog’s attention and it can be a big key for your pictorial with your loveable canine.

Options and Trickeries – Ok, to get the best photo, you should always try to take a lot of photos and use a few. With digital cameras these days you can easily take a bunch of photos, delete the yucky and save the rest. I use the time delay and with every 20 photos. One looks outstanding! Tricks, food and other high points are great places to be getting your best shots. Pretty much having options can be a great thing because you will have the chance to choose the best shot for your dog.

Jron Magcale


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