How to Find and Use Free Blog Themes

Right now there are big things that we can do on our blogs, surely the popularity of the blogosphere have hit an all time high, with it being the best way to broadcast what you have in mind, now if you have a blog you might be considering on improving it. I mean doing some cosmetic renovations on it. So setting up your own blog theme can be a good choice for sure. When you set up your own blog, your blog provider will give you a choice of templates to use. It may be difficult to find one you like, since there may not many options. Using the proprietary template means your blog will probably look like many others. Make your blog stand out by using free blog templates. So far there are websites that offers these kinds of service, so let me walk you through it.

The first thing that you have to do is look at other blogs for inspiration. Find blogs that have the look and feel you like. Look at the bottom of the blog to see if the template or graphic designer is listed. If not, contact the blog owner and ask him if he used a template. It will be a good way to make improvements with your blog. I think that with that being a good consideration, you will get the points on it and will have the chance to learn from the owner or better yet get what you want on your blog.

If you are still seeking for more and wants considerable amount of time to improve, I suggest that you join a forum for blog creators. Ask members for free blog template recommendations. Your blog site probably has its own forum. In this way you’ll have the chance to learn further and request some templates from forum members. You will also be able to share your knowledge if you have something to contribute and ask questions from the forum vets. It is a good way to get you started and I am sure that it can give you a significant boost towards learning.

Now, you need to search the Internet for free blog templates. There are many available. The Blog Connection links to several free blog template sites.  There are certain websites that offers this kind of services that will really be helpful to you. Remember that you can find these websites that can offer different and unique blog templates and themes by just a simple search in the internet. When you have found the theme or template you want you can now follow the instructions with the template to copy it to your blog. Alternatively, open the template in Internet Explorer. Right-click and select “View Source.” Highlight the HTML code and select “Copy.” Paste the code into your blog template and voila you have your own blog template that can realty improve your blog.

Jron Magcale


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