Internet Marketing Tips for Your Law Firm

Well, there are a lot of businesses that are benefiting from internet marketing; so far there is a handful that has been giving their faith to what the information superhighway can give to your business. How about Law firms? It’s a totally different ball game looking to that particular market. I know for a fact that it can give significant boost to your business. So, here is how to use your website to grow your legal practice and enhance its image.

First off, design, the design of your website must be simple, elegant and user-friendly, not to mention it must cater to your target audience. If for example you are a patent attorney your site must appeal to engineers, inventors etc. not a suspect in a murder case. Actually, the design is one of the most important parts of internet marketing; you have to attract people to visit your website. So, one thing that you have to think in advance is the design.

Ok, the competition should be monitored; your site must set your firm apart from competing firms. The best way to accomplish this is to provide better content. Consider writing a few articles and posting them on your site. Provide free information or answer most commonly asked questions your potential or current clients are likely to have. You should always take in consideration that looking to your website’s resume you can set your firm apart over your counterparts. It is really important because it gives you the edge that you would need on your internet marketing strategy.

Now, the introduction for your website should always be on the higher ground. Use your website to introduce other attorneys and associates in your firm. Potential clients like knowing who you are. Be sure to describe your academic and professional qualifications. You might also provide a strategic likable personal characteristic or hobby that will humanize you in the eyes of your potential client. It will be the eye candy of your website and with it, you can get a lot of people visiting your website. Keep it also informative and have an edge.

For all the services that your law firm can offer, you have to keep it in descriptive fashion. Make sure your site leaves no doubt as to what sorts of services your firm provides. If possible, provide examples of past work. The basic thing is that you can get a lot of people interested on your website if you know how to get their attention, smart description of your services will be a big plus for your strategy for sure.

To have a certain effect, you need to consider hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant. Search engine optimization is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. Although this is important, it probably isn’t a critical factor in promoting a solo practice or a small law firm with tighter budgets. Submit your site to search engines and legal directories. Submission is usually free and relatively easy. SEO is a great addition for your team because you will have the chance for your website to gain popularity over the web which is always a plus.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Internet Marketing Tips for Your Law Firm”

  1. John Small Says:

    Why didn’t you mention PPC? I’ve run many attorney campaigns and PPC works astonishingly well. It’s not expensive, especially when compared to other forms of marketing the atty’s do like Yellow Pages. For a modest localized budget of $500 – $2500 per month a typical attorney can expect 5-20 new clients. Not bad if you consider the return on investment!

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