Understanding Magic: Magic Coin Tricks

People has been really on the contrary on learning magic, there area lot of magic tricks known to accommodate the crowd, there are disappearing acts, card tricks, paper tricks, etc. But what really grab attention are the simple ones. Coin magic tricks are a great way to get started in magic as you don’t need specialty items to perform them. If you know some coin magic tricks and want to perform and entertain others, then follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming a real coin magician. There are actually easy steps on performing magic coin tricks, it is easy and fun and really a good starting base on learning more magic tricks. You should be accustomed to it and I am sure that you will have fun on doing it for sure.

Ok, one main thing about magic coin tricks is selecting the right coins. You should have a good selection of coins on hand. Make sure you have coins that fit well in your hands for the types of tricks you’ll be performing. Have some silver coins as well as some gold-colored coins for contrast if you’re going to be performing tricks that involve multiple coins. Your selection on the coins will pretty much help you on executing your tricks that will later be one of the most important parts of your performance.

Another important thing to keep in mind knows your audience, I think it is pretty much a basic thought, know your audience. If you’re going to be performing the tricks in front of adults, use more advanced tricks. If your audience is children, go for more visually stimulating tricks and tricks that involve audience participation. You should be able to choose an audience that can be “game” on your tricks. Remember that with these kinds of performance there are actually a lot at stake, if you fail your reputation as a magician will be on the downside.

If you want to practice and improve I suggest performing some tricks in front of friends and asking for advice. They can give you tips on what works and what doesn’t, so that when you get in front of a real audience, you’ll have well-tested tricks. They’ll be your audience that can give you constructive criticism, although a lot of it may come to the wire with some polish, you need to justify your magic coin tricks in front of a crowd that you know, they will be able to give you your good points and bad, so that when you are going to perform live you’ll have a good idea on what to expect overall.

The main thing is you should practice your tricks until you have them down to perfection. Practice performing in front of the mirror so you can see what the audience will see. Prepare your magic show with an opener, middle and closer. Your opener should be a quick trick that takes under a minute to perform. Your next tricks, the middle should be more involved and more complicated. Finally, your closing trick should be the most impressive, as it’s the one your audience will most likely remember. Making sure that you can take your audience breath away can be a great finale. Remember to make good use of the knowledge you have upon doing your tricks. It is a good move to always give you the boost on performing these magic tricks.

Jron Magcale


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