Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink a Must for your Home

We should know that our home is our own paradise; we need to always take care of it. So, when it comes to our kitchen, we should always be clean. The entire kitchen can be clean but if the kitchen sink is dirty the rest of the kitchen just doesn’t seem clean either. The kitchen sink is a focal point in the kitchen so a clean kitchen sink is important to the overall level of cleanliness in the entire room. It is always known that our kitchen sink is one of the heavily used in our house, so cleaning it is an important thing to keep in mind.

Empty the sink – Remove everything from behind the sink. If you store your dish soap on the back of the sink, move it to the counter as you clean. If you keep a container of hand soap on the back of the sink, set it aside. Put away any dishes that may be sitting in the dish drainer and remove the dish drainer. It is important to have the kitchen sink empty to avoid anything that will be a distraction once you are cleaning your kitchen sink. Always remember that your kitchen sink is one of the most important parts of your home, cleaning it is a good thing to do,

Wash the sink –Wash its accessories before you wash the sink itself. Start with the dish drainer. If you look closely at the dish drainer you’ll be surprised to notice the way dust accumulates along the various grooves. Use a scrub brush to wash away all of the dust from the hard to reach surfaces of the drainer. Rinse well and set the drainer aside. Remember that if you do this you will have been able to easily do the next parts of the cleaning.

Use cleaning products – Use only cleaning products approved for your kitchen sink. If your sink is stainless steel you can use an abrasive kitchen cleanser but if it is porcelain you’ll need something that is approved for the more delicate surface to prevent scratching or etching. Whatever the sink is made of just check the label to make sure your cleaner is approved for it. You also need to scrub the entire sink just to make sure you are doing the right step. Your kitchens sink needs to have everything cleaned and scrubbed for better results of course.

Dry the entire sink – Lastly you have to dry the entire sink with a kitchen towel. Return the drainer and soap bottles to their designated locations. Admire your sparkling clean kitchen sink, after all these steps are done, your kitchen sink will be good as new. So I suggest make this a habit so your kitchen can always have the best condition for future use.

Jron Magcale


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