Decorative Mirror Installation is a Must for Home Improvement

Most people would tell you that in their homes, the bathroom is one of the places that you should have a touch of style. One of the most important features in a bathroom, as it is looked into everyday, a decorative mirror must not only be straight but secure as well. We need to correctly install a decorative mirror that will stay put, it is important that we are aware on how are we going to put our best hand in on things such as the decorative mirror. So, when you are looking to install your own decorative mirror in your bathroom, you should be aware by following these simple steps.

Step #1 – One of the first things you have to do is examining the mirror and its walls. Examine the decorative mirror and make sure it came with four clips to hold it in place. Most decorative mirrors are prepackaged with clips, but in case they aren’t, measure the thickness of the mirror and then go to the hardware store to look for some L-shaped clips to screw into your wall and hold your mirror in place. You should always look for its security and if something happens, you should be ready at least on what can transpire.

Step #2 – Now after securing the mirror and its walls, place a level up against the wall with the top portion of the level positioned where you want the bottom of your bathroom mirror to be. Draw a straight line on the wall with a pencil. Draw the line longer than the width of the mirror. It is important because we are tackling the measurements here, and with that being a subject to be precise is always important.

Step #3 – Ok, we’ll do more measuring in this step. Measure the width of your mirror. Mark two dots on the level line where the clips will screw into the wall. Position the clips at the corner of the mirror. Install the clips onto the wall using screws and a cordless drill. When you have this done, examine the clips if they are securely pinned and in place, double check just to be sure. Remember that you need to be completely sure on what you want to do, in order to get the best results.

Step #4 – Finishing up is a series of instructions that you need to follow. Start by measuring the height of the decorative mirror. Use this measurement to mark two more dots with the pencil where the top two clips should go. Attach the bottom of the ruler to the lower clips and make the mark. Draw lines from the bottom clips to the top dots and use the level to make sure the lines are straight. Verify that the space between the top dots is the same distance apart as the bottom clips. Install the top two clips if measurements are the same. And then voila, there you have it, your decorative mirror already in place and ready to go. Always be sure that you everything is on the safe side to avoid accidents.

Jron Magcale


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