Taking Epic Pictures with Your Pet Puppy

Well, for your dogs, you always cherish the best memories about them; well you know that you want to have a memory of them that would make you smile once in a while. Your puppy won’t be small forever. Capture these moments on film, now. Better yet, get a digital camera and just keep snapping away. There are certain tricks that you should keep in mind so you get a good end result, puppy pictures to be proud of. So let me give you some simple steps that would help you on getting the best puppy picture that you could possibly get.

When purchasing a digital camera that you will use to get your own puppy picture, purchase one which has a nice zoom feature. You’ll want to get in close without accidentally gaining their attention and losing the pose. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer your photos will be. You will also want one that has the least shutter lag time possible which will allow you to take photos faster. In that way it will get your puppy’s picture quick and you can do more of it in just some few clicks.

Next up, be certain to have good lighting. Soft light is best. Keep the light behind the puppy. Investigate how light boxes work and try to incorporate some of those ideas the best you can when taking posed shots. Be sure your puppy is alert but not hyper. Keep yourself at the puppy’s level. You don’t want to take photos looking down at your puppy. Squat down or even lay down to get those good shots. It is important because it can ruin a perfect shot.

Well, another thing is don’t be afraid to keep snapping during times of misbehavior. Don’t try to overly control the puppy. Just be ready for that perfect shot when it happens. Use your imagination. If you want something more compelling try to use a program such as Adobe Photoshop to add cute captions to your photos. Also, try to block them. Sometimes a wiggly puppy can be a nightmare. Create a blockade of sorts. To avoid something that you would be disappointed to. Getting your puppy picture is great and trying to get the perfect shot can also be a great bonus for you.

Oh, before I forgot, another way to photograph a difficult puppy is to have a helper hold them propped up on their shoulder and take the puppy’s photo from behind the helper. Newborns can be especially difficult. One way to tackle that is to have a helper hold the puppy cupped within their hands. It’s secure and it emphasizes the small size. Don’t be afraid to get really close. Sometimes those capture the softness of your puppy best. Puppy pictures are great to have, more people have been looking at it as a task, but they shouldn’t be. Puppy pictures are hard to get if you are starting for the first time but when you are used to it, getting puppy picture is just like picking cherry from a tree.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Taking Epic Pictures with Your Pet Puppy”

  1. urbzen Says:

    These tips are excellent. My photography of my Westie, Mr. Henry, is very hit-or-miss, probably mostly miss! I’m definitely going to give it another go after reading this.

    Hopefully we won’t end up playing tug-of-war with the camera, like last time


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