Cleaning Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with the Use of Bleach

With regards to your kitchen you should always keep it as clean as you can. Only time will tell how much a clean kitchen can hold on. In some level a kitchen sink plays a big part on your overall cleanliness in your kitchen, sometimes people would look at it in a different way, paying no mind with your stainless kitchen sink, but I think it should looked into a different way. Even though the name stainless steel can be stained, so don’t be fooled. Stainless steel sinks are wonderful to own but hard to keep looking spiffy and shiny. So at this moment you might looking on some options on how you can make your kitchen sink the best that it can be and of course as clean as you can make it. Well, let me help you with that but giving you some basic instructions in cleaning your stainless steel with the use of bleach.

Ok, the first step on this is simple, close the sink drain and run hot water into the sink, filling it nearly to the top. You need to do this to soften the stains of your sink that is hard to scrub, hot water helps a lot because its heat can really make the stains weak in a way, so that when you are ready to scrub them it’ll be a lot more easily. Don’t put extremely hot water, just a normal hot water will do, be sure to let it as is for another 5-10 minutes.

Ok, the next step is another simple one, just add one capful of bleach to the water and let the bleach water remain in the sink for about 2 hours. This is the part where the bleach will take effect and its chemicals and byproducts will be used to further clean your stainless steel sink. It is needed because it will help make the stains vulnerable, it will be an easy task when it’s all bleaches, it will help to get a glimmer n your sink once it’s finished because it will actively pursue the stains and will eliminate them. Waiting for 2 hours will be a good idea because by that time all the stains will be easy to scrub away.

Now, you need to remove any objects from the steel edges of the sink. While the basin of the sink is soaking, soak several sheets of paper towels thoroughly in the bleach water. Lay the soaked paper towels on the rim of the sink basin, being careful not to overlap them onto your countertop. Press the towels down lightly and allow the bleached towels to soak into the edges of the sink for about 2 hours. This will further help your overall kitchen sink to get cleaned; of course you would have to pay attention on details when you are cleaning your kitchen sink, because everything will be quite important when cleaning.

Now to finish off, drain the water and discard the paper towels, the bleach will have scoured away most of the accumulated dirt on the steel, but you can dip an old toothbrush in cold water and scrub any areas that are still in need of cleaning. The bleach will have loosened the dirt, making it easy to scrub. As said earlier everything will be loosened and softened when you put the bleach and hot water, now just try to scrub the places where you believe needs to be cleaned and after that just let it dry and there you have it a clean and well placed stainless steel kitchen sink.

Jron Magcale


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