Dog Pictures 101: Getting Their Attention

A popular subject for photography has been puppy pictures; it has been a growing trend to have puppy pictures taken and being made as subjects to their shoot. Anyone who has a dog tries to take a picture of them at one point or another, it’s a given. Whether or not you can get the dog to focus and sit still so you can actually get the picture is another matter. It has become increasingly popular over the masses to have that kind of approach in dog pictures, sometimes people are seeking on a good way to get their puppy pictures taken. Some have asked to get tips from the experts and some just preferred to read a long and find a good advice on how a puppy picture should be taken. Here is a great way to get that fidgety dog to sit still long enough for you to get a great shot

Dog Meet Camera, Camera Meet Dog

Well there is always a first step and here, the first step is pretty much simple, introduce the dog to the camera. A lot of dogs are scared of what they don’t know. Put the camera lower than the dog’s eye level and have the dog sniff the camera. In that way he’ll know that what you are about to do, it will help you ease some tensions or whatever that comes in the photo shoot. Always get the dog comfortable on the shoot, so getting the dog familiar with the camera is a good first step for sure.

Be One with the Dog

Ok, once the dog gets introduced to the camera, go and sit in the spot that you want the dog to sit in, even if it’s on the floor. We have talked about getting the dog comfortable with its surroundings, you need to show the dog that you have no bad intentions, so level with them and mingle a little, in that way they’ll see that you only want to get their pictures and not harm them in any way.

Spotting the Dog

Ok, to place the dog in a position where you want the picture to be taken your next step is call the dog in front of the spot that you want him in and while you are sitting in the spot, make the dog comfortable. Have him sit down, scratch him behind the ears and on his neck and stroke his back. In that way you will get the dog’s trust and at the same time you can have the dog on the spot that you want him to be. If the dog is comfortable in the position you want them to be, it is pretty much easy to move from there.

Trick or Treat, Dog

Now, giving a treat t o a dog is pretty much helpful if you want to get the best results. Especially when you need something from them you need to give something to them. Put a dog treat in the palm of your hand and close your hand around it. Have the dog sniff your hand so he knows it’s in your hand. Use the hand that you are not pressing the camera button with. So that you can direct the dog with it and have your shot is in perfect shape. And then snap a shot and there you have it your own dog picture with ease. No need for tricks or whatever. You got them where you want them to be.

Jron Magcale


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