Tips on Spotting Fake Crystals for Your Chandelier

There are a variety of ways to determine if your crystal chandelier lacks grade or authenticity. The thought of having fake crystal fixtures can be deceiving, so always have to be aware of it. Crystal chandelier is a great fixture for any home. Sometimes having fake crystal for crystal chandelier can be good for apartment or early home because they’re affordable. However, if you prefer to have the real crystal, how do you spot decent quality from the assortment of fakes and rip-offs sold out there? It could be hard, but let it be known that it is not impossible to determine. Here are steps that you can do to be able to do the feat.

First Step – You might be asking yourself what to look out for, well let me tell you that  just like in buying diamonds, you spot for one which shows clarity, purity, a fine cut and good color. Look for an absence of flaws and no inclusions, bubbles or rough spots. The surface must feel smooth, and the crystal shouldn’t have a gray or green cast. It can be hard to do since you are not an expert on the area but like I said, it is doable. Just be sure and have a sharp eye on it.

Second Step – Looking closely at the crystal chandelier, the lead content of crystal doesn’t indicate how fine it is. Some manufacturers often add lead to glass to make it softer and more malleable, and, because of the way lead interacts with light, it adds an excellent prismatic, shimmering effect. You should see that effect in hand so you can determine if the crystal on your chandelier is real or not.

Step 4 – Remember that all crystal is glass. Distinguishing between good and fine crystal can be tough. Schonbek Crystals sells many of its fixtures in two grades, one is Spectra, a nice but lower-grade crystal, and of course Strass, the finest. Spectra cost half as much. However, when they’re both hanging from a ceiling, the look is almost indistinguishable, check crystal quality from the manufacturer, or ask for advice from reputable home décor dealers. So, that you will have an idea on what to expect or what to keep look for when checking for your crystal chandelier.

Always keep in mind that all crystal starts as a liquid poured into a mold, and then it’s polished either by hand, machine or fire. Fire-polished crystals, which are also called molded, is the cheapest. The facets on the glass aren’t as crisp, because fire molds by melting. Hand and precision-machine cutting creates crisper facets. So when trying to consider and spotting the not so authentic crystals for your crystal chandelier, always have an eye on what can be good quality or not or ask help from experts so that you will have the great and authentic crystal chandelier.

Jron Magacale


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