Lights Up and Action on D’Lite Magic Tricks

When dealing with magic, you know that there are a lot of things that we can all look and see. Most people would try and reconsider and get the idea of finding a new magic trick that they would use on making their tricks as mind blowing as possible, but let us get the possibility that there are more things than to get people’s attention like entertaining them. The truth is we could see a lot of the new things that in the world of magic, like for example the amazing D’Lite magic light tricks, we are all aware on how the known magic trick as one part of a magician’s arsenal of tricks. So how does a beginner use the amazing D’Lite magic light tricks? Well there are some certain ways to pull the feat, so I am here to give you some tips on pulling one good magic off.

First, you need to check regularly to make sure there is nothing preventing the connector inside the D’Lite from making contact with the battery, it is pretty much important because it will determine if the D’Lite will work. If the D’Lite is in your pocket, you have to make sure it is not crushed in any way, as your D’Lite may be activated without you being aware. Next thing is you have to own a D’Lite video which will be a great new way to learn skills using DLite magic tricks. After that you now need to practice your motions in front of a mirror, try not to use your D’Lite under bright light, always remember that out need to test it in dim light.

When using the D’lite, you always have to try to keep your tricks like the grabbing from the air and of course the passing from hand to hand notions as natural as possible, it is important that you make your shows as real as possible to capture your audience in awe. When making magic tricks using the D’Lite it is imperative that you always keep the D’Lite shielded from your spectator’s view by nit showing your open palms, especially with your hands not moving. The main trick is you always need to be ready when you are on stage there are a lot of things that you can learn from the D’lite, you just need to make ends meet and do a good show.

Remember that when you trying to perform on a show, when you opt to use the D’Lite magic, you need to be careful although known to be a good props it has its limits like it can be use using water but not salt water. You should read the manual to see its limitation and how you will use the D’Lite to your shows. Don’t be scared to use it and take advantage of its uses. You will surely enjoy D’Lite magic tricks and your audience will be enjoying it as well.

Jron Magcale


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One Response to “Lights Up and Action on D’Lite Magic Tricks”

  1. jordanmagician Says:

    Nice tips n the D’lite. Thanks for posting this. Hope you could visit my blog.


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