Helpful Steps on Getting Your Own Free Blog Templates

Some people have been really into making their own blogs as classy and stylish as they can, but sometimes that is hard but most of the time there are friendly sites that tyou can always trust. Well, this article describes the easy how to steps of installing new themes for your self-hosted blog. You will also find several sites where you can find new blog themes for your self-hosted web blog. Although most people would think of it as a hard thing to do, it is really as easy as 1-2-3. It is always a good thing for people to have a chance to customize their own blog to represent their own characterizes and personality. Design wise more people appreciates the unique styles that can be set by them or at least close to what they choose.

For starters, this article is going to assume you have a self-hosted web blog. You cannot upload themes to a free web hosted blog. You need to think about that and note it. First you should find several themes that you like. Download them and unzip them in a folder you can find any web blog themes in several places, as well as searching “free blog themes”. It is a good thing that you can get to search some themes in the internet because it is hard to produce one for yourself.

Ok, next step, once your themes are downloaded and unzipped open your FTP Client and connect to your site. You will need to open the directory usually titled “www”. Then you need to find where you have installed your web blog. Once you have located and opened that folder, you need to open the folder titled “wp-content”. Then you must open the folder labeled “themes”. Now you can upload your unzipped theme folders into the blog theme folder. It seems to be complicated but it will be an easer task than you expect.

Now, once that is finished, open your web browser and log into your blog account. Under the design tab you should see screenshots of all your uploaded web blog themes. Just click on the one that you like the most and the blog site will automatically apply that theme to your blog and there you have it your own blog theme for your blog. Well, that’s about it. It’s really quite simple. Of course you will want to click on the Design/Widgets tabs and add widgets to your theme to make your blog more interactive. Setting up your blog with free blog templates can always be a great thing for your blog, it can spice it up with good style and people will be impressed by your own blog.

Jron Magcale


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