Your Guide on Getting Miami Beach Apartment Rental

Well, everyone wants to have a great apartment but sometimes when you find one, renting it can be a hassle. The best way to begin your Miami Beach apartment search is to call the local Miami Beach property management companies about 45 days before you want to move, and ask what they have available, Miami Beach can be an in demand place for apartment rentals so you need to be aware of that before you make any more moves. Be prepared to provide them with your desired price range and move-in date. Take note of their level of customer service, sometimes other companies’ customer service isn’t as good as the other that may sometimes lead you to misinformation. I would suggest searching the MLS first, here’s how to find rentals in Miami Beach, First click a Miami Beach MLS site and select rental from the Property Search. Then, insert the numbers 33139 in the zip code field, in which will give you a list of available apartment rentals in the area.

And then, after you have called the management companies and weeded out the MLS listings, search the popular Craiglist. The website is heavily spammed so you will need to track the classifieds multiple times daily just to be sure. If RSS is your thing, Craigslist has an RSS Feed exclusively for Miami Beach apartments and houses for rent. Next you have to know the rental market you are moving to. Well, as of April, 2007 the average price of a studio apartment in South Beach is $750. The average price of a 1-bedroom is $950. The average price of a 2-bedroom is $1,400. If you know that you can handle those prices well, by all means take the opportunity if you find a Miami Beach apartment.

Always remember to make a list of requirements. Do you need a quiet building, parking, a dishwasher, or a building that accepts pets? You need to be in detail on these things to have a very good idea on what to expect, some Miami Beach apartment rentals can be strict with people getting in the way of what you prefer to have in a home. So I suggest that you make a list of what you want fo4r a Miami Beach apartment rental so that you will be able to make ends meet and of course get the best for your home and your interest as well.

Another easy step to do when looking for a Miami Beach apartment rental is to drive or walk around the neighborhood and look for hand written for rent signs. This is often the best way to find cheap for rent by owner deals. There are some good deals that you can get from those independent signs, in which sometimes better than ones that are advertised in the internet.

You should always have to be prepared to sign a one-year lease and be asked to pay the first and last months rent plus a security deposit in advance. Lastly don’t be afraid to negotiate. Landlords and property management companies in Miami Beach will often negotiate the rental price and/or security deposit. So when you are looking for the best Miami Beach apartment rentals always look for your best interest.

Jron Magcale


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