Quick Steps to List your Property with Miami Real Estate MLS

There’s a lot of question about what is the Miami real estate MLS is, well going to basics the real estate MLS, or multi-list, is a roster of all residential properties in a geographic area that local real estate professionals are allowed to show prospective buyers. The quickest way to get your home on that list is to sign a listing contract with one of the agents, but there are other ways of getting your home on that list if you are creative and persistent. So therefore, Miami real estate MLS is a list of prospective real estate properties that can be sold, more of like a list so to speak. So, if you are wondering how your Miami real estate property can be included in this list here is a simple step or guide to help on your way.

First step is you need to draw up a detailed information sheet of your Miami property. Homes on the MLS list square footage, number of bedrooms, size of garage, size of lot and date the home was built. You must disclose all of your home’s mechanical and structural problems, too. An agent can’t sell your home without a signed disclosure by the seller. Details are important and you should include everything when you are drawing an information sheet. Next up, research what percentage of a sale the agents in your area are getting on a home. Generally, its 5 or 6 percent, but it may be higher or lower depending upon the area. You should get this number right because it will play a big role.

The next thing to do is contact the head of your local Miami MLS board. You can find out who that is by calling any Miami real estate office that belongs to the MLS group. The MLS will have a President that is elected or appointed every year. Give this person a call to present your idea. This will be a key to making you listed on the MLS. Remember to offer ½ of the entire sales commission in your area to any Miami real estate office that sells your home. An agent won’t show or sell your home free of charge, you have to know that. The next thing to do is you will have to call the publishing company that prints the MLS brochure. You have to pay the advertising costs for publishing a photo and description of your Miami home. The MLS brokerages have to pay, too, for their publicity. So you have to take note of that.

To finish everything off, put an attractive For Sale sign in your yard. Potential buyers driving by an area they are interested in can generate sales. Then check to see if there is a Miami real estate MLS listing service in your county that will allow agents to show your home for one flat fee. You can also try an online MLS multi-service. These aren’t associated with the National Association of Realtors, and will not be shown by local agents, but some have quite large viewerships. So there are some steps to help you get your home listed in the Miami real estate MLS listings.

Jron Magcale


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