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What to Consider Crystal Chandelier in Your Home

November 8, 2008

I think that I am speaking in general if I say that people does look for the best in their home and once in their lives they have tinkered on owning a crystal chandelier, just to get a hang of it. Whether you want it anywhere in your home, it is pretty much important to have it placed on places that can be goof for you and your home as well. At one time, people placed their crystal chandeliers only in the dining room, ballroom or an entryway. However, today it is perfectly acceptable to hang crystal chandeliers in bedrooms and bathrooms. It is like the newest trend and a lot of people have been in constant admiration on what they can do on their piece. If you are loving the idea on it, I think you would love the idea of having it on your home, so if you want to know what stuff you could do upon buying one, here’s what to consider when you buy one.

Well one of the steps you need to take is to view the light in your room where your crystal chandelier will hang at various times of day. Position your blinds or drapery as they will appear on an average day at different times. It is pretty much important because you’ll have to take measures on it, the blending options on your home’s lights should be considered and take notice because of the fact that you could always have the distinction in lighting so that your crystal chandelier will have a purpose on your home and all that. I think it should always get the necessary thoughts that needed to be kept in mind.

Next is you need to determine how much light you need in the room, it is important that you get to know how much light you would need in a home, if its too much you might consider on going less on lights if it lacks light then a crystal chandelier will surely be a shoe in. You also need to consider the style and shape of your crystal chandelier. Be sure that your crystal chandelier matches the scale and style of the room. If you are installing a crystal chandelier in a small child’s bedroom, it will have a distinctly different style than one you’d place in a grand entryway.  Remember that style always gives you points on having a great home.

Deciding what statement you want the crystal chandelier to make in your home.. For the look and feel of a country cottage, choose a petite chandelier with fancy scrollwork and a few shimmering glass attachments. If you want to suggest a grand Southern mansion, buy a multi-layered chandelier with many attachments. And then ask for an opinion. Tell a sales associate what you are looking for and describe the mood you hope to create. You may hear an idea that never would have occurred to you. If you know someone who has a crystal chandelier you admire, ask the owners for advice, they might give you a good advice on how to make your crystal chandelier off the chain for your home.

Jron Magcale


Tips on Spotting Fake Crystals for Your Chandelier

November 6, 2008

There are a variety of ways to determine if your crystal chandelier lacks grade or authenticity. The thought of having fake crystal fixtures can be deceiving, so always have to be aware of it. Crystal chandelier is a great fixture for any home. Sometimes having fake crystal for crystal chandelier can be good for apartment or early home because they’re affordable. However, if you prefer to have the real crystal, how do you spot decent quality from the assortment of fakes and rip-offs sold out there? It could be hard, but let it be known that it is not impossible to determine. Here are steps that you can do to be able to do the feat.

First Step – You might be asking yourself what to look out for, well let me tell you that  just like in buying diamonds, you spot for one which shows clarity, purity, a fine cut and good color. Look for an absence of flaws and no inclusions, bubbles or rough spots. The surface must feel smooth, and the crystal shouldn’t have a gray or green cast. It can be hard to do since you are not an expert on the area but like I said, it is doable. Just be sure and have a sharp eye on it.

Second Step – Looking closely at the crystal chandelier, the lead content of crystal doesn’t indicate how fine it is. Some manufacturers often add lead to glass to make it softer and more malleable, and, because of the way lead interacts with light, it adds an excellent prismatic, shimmering effect. You should see that effect in hand so you can determine if the crystal on your chandelier is real or not.

Step 4 – Remember that all crystal is glass. Distinguishing between good and fine crystal can be tough. Schonbek Crystals sells many of its fixtures in two grades, one is Spectra, a nice but lower-grade crystal, and of course Strass, the finest. Spectra cost half as much. However, when they’re both hanging from a ceiling, the look is almost indistinguishable, check crystal quality from the manufacturer, or ask for advice from reputable home décor dealers. So, that you will have an idea on what to expect or what to keep look for when checking for your crystal chandelier.

Always keep in mind that all crystal starts as a liquid poured into a mold, and then it’s polished either by hand, machine or fire. Fire-polished crystals, which are also called molded, is the cheapest. The facets on the glass aren’t as crisp, because fire molds by melting. Hand and precision-machine cutting creates crisper facets. So when trying to consider and spotting the not so authentic crystals for your crystal chandelier, always have an eye on what can be good quality or not or ask help from experts so that you will have the great and authentic crystal chandelier.

Jron Magacale

Cheaper Crystal Chandeliers Will Still Give Big Impact

November 5, 2008

Let it be known that when it comes to fashionable homes, the crystal chandelier never fails to impress, everything really does come back in style, and like I said crystal chandeliers are again high fashion for homeowners. The elegant lighting fixtures lost points in recent decades for their ornate fussiness and the incorrect perception that they required onerous maintenance. Well, right now they are the unanimous pick for home improvement décor to have in a home. I have been blessed to see wonderful classes of crystal chandeliers that have been in the market. I personally admire crystal chandeliers because of the impact that it gives to a home. Over the years people have been in constant consideration on how they will give their home’s that little push towards great upgrade.

I think that as with anything that comes back in vogue, though, today’s crystal chandeliers feature a few changes from their predecessors, most notably price. Lighting manufacturers have made the beauty of crystal chandeliers more accessible by offering attractive designs for hundreds-instead of thousands-of dollars. It is because the crystal chandelier makers wants to reach out for a bigger crowd and having those affordable pieces can be a big help on making it into the mainstream markets, although there are still those regal, prestigious ones that cost higher than the usual, there are still quality in the discounted ones, more seriously the great simple ones.

If you are thinking of how this happened? Well, it is much of this has to do with the manufacturer’s newfound willingness to deviate from the standard brass and crystal design. While plenty of traditional models are available, homeowners can now purchase chandeliers made from rustic iron, as well as fixtures made of alabaster and stone and even tropical-themed bamboo styles. That is great news for homes looking to have a lighting fixture that can transparently give them the big impact. A lot though have to be looked in perspective to fit your ideal piece.

They say that perhaps most interestingly, where as years ago homeowners were loathing hanging any chandeliers; a new trend is to double up. Designs show that many people are opting to use two smaller chandeliers to light a space, rather than one grand fixture. The best rule of all, though, is that clean, simple lines never go out of style. After all, no homeowner wants to be stuck with a crystal chandelier comparable to acid washed jeans or bouffant hair. With all the new styles out today, finding a stylish crystal chandelier shouldn’t be hard and I think that if you are looking for one, you won’t have to look elsewhere; you can search the internet or visit your local lighting and décor store for inquiry.

Jron Magcale

Home Improvement: Discussing Crystal Chandelier

November 4, 2008

Well, we all know that a crystal chandelier have always expressed beauty to the fullest and also represents elegance. Well, have you ever looked at a hanging crystal chandelier and wondered how it came to be? Crystal chandeliers have long been an iconic symbol of luxury and opulence, as well as a pinnacle of beautiful interior decorating. These dazzling installations enjoy a rich history, not only in terms of their construction and evolution, but also their significance as a social symbol. It is always majestic and regal to have a crystal chandelier hanging in your ceilings and people have often looked at it as another piece of great décor to have, it is particularly one of the most well-known impact décor out there.

Well, Chandeliers, particularly crystal chandeliers, have long been considered a sign of wealth and status. This is because the materials used to make them and the skilled labor involved in creating them were once so expensive as to be affordable only by the very rich and royalty. Nowadays, mass industrial production makes it possible for many middle-class homes and moderate business establishments to enjoy creations that are not so very different in appearance from their extravagant predecessors. So everybody knows that crystal chandelier have its own identity and has long been regarded as an elegant. People just fail to see that the crystal chandelier is more than just a décor but a great lighting fixture to a home.

It is known that there are many styles of crystal chandelier design, both antique and modern. The English, French and Viennese all competed in chandelier design at the height of the fixture’s popularity, each culture bringing unique and distinctive designs to the art form. It is certainly a good thing because the competition on having the best crystal chandelier design is always at a good side. A person often gets a good look at it and actually gets to appreciate its art.  Today, many newer designs of chandelier follow a more angular, Wright-esque aesthetic than their curvy ancestors, but crystal, as well as materials meant to emulate the look of crystal, remains a favorite look. Because crystal can give your chandelier a great overall look and the elegance factor is always seen as a great attribute for your lighting fixture.

It is a big notion that crystal chandelier design has its own set of terminology to describe various common features of crystal chandeliers. For instance, the term bag in chandelier design refers to the look of many strings of crystal beads forming a sort of hollow teardrop shape, fastened at the widest point to a circular metal ring. Hanging pieces of crystal are known as drops, while a spire is a tall spike of glass. People who really are into crystal chandelier will get that assumption a lot. Remember that crystal chandelier can always dictate a lot to your home, the impact is really on a high note and it is always known to be a great addition to a home.

Jron Magcale

Important Things to Ponder with Crystal Chandelier

October 30, 2008

There are things that we can really get fond of in crystal chandeliers; no matter how much expensive the piece is we still go for it to enhance our home’s style. While a crystal chandelier is technically any light that hangs from the ceiling, most people think of crystal chandeliers when they hear the word. The refractive beauty of crystals brings light to life in a way that few other materials can. And while most people associate crystal chandeliers with ornate, baroque decorating styles, there are thousands of styles to choose from, including one that’s just right for your dining room, living room or foyer. I think that it is up to you to know where to place it. You just need to know where to put it.

Measurements of the Place – First up you need to measure the height of the room where your crystal chandelier will be hung. Ideally, a crystal chandelier should be no more than 30 inches overhead. If it is hung too high, it will appear dwarfed. It is quite important to know the basic measurements of your room that the crystal chandelier will be put on so get on out there and start measuring.

Choosing a Place – Now, we need to consider the room in which the crystal chandelier will be hung. Different rooms call for different lighting styles and sizes. Use the following guidelines to help you determine size:

Entrance hall or foyer: choose a chandelier that is 30 to 40 percent of the width of the foyer.

Living room/family rooms: choose a chandelier that is 20 to 30 percent of the room’s width.

Dining room: choose a chandelier that is 1.5 to 2 feet wide for a six person dining table, 2 to 2.5 feet wide for an eight person dining able and one that is 2.5 to 3.5 feet wide for one that seats 10 to 12 people.

Wattage – Well, the total wattage of all the bulbs on the chandelier added together should be no more than 200 to 400 watts. Be sure that you meet those guidelines because it is important that you know the wattage of the piece for sure safety.

Styling Options – Choose a style that will hang no more than thirty inches above table tops or counter surfaces. Remember that with good style your crystal chandelier will truly have its moment. Be sure to choose wisely and of course choose what you think is the best. It is pretty much a good thing to have it in a manner where we can appreciate it. Also choose a style that accents the architectural style of your home rather than the décor of your rooms.

Decide whether to use clear crystals, colored crystals or a combination of the two. Shop around for the best price. High-end crystal chandeliers are priced by the quality as well as by the quantity and size of the crystals. After all of it, you will get to see the fruits of your labor, a crystal chandelier that is truly stunning and simply great to have in a home.

Jron Magcale

The Truth about the Points of Crystal Chandelier

October 20, 2008

How much does a crystal chandelier can give into your home, I think that more people have really looked at it in a different way. But when you own a crystal chandelier you know that you are getting the best value of the piece, more people have been wondering what good does a crystal chandelier can give to our home? Actually, it is more of “see it, to believe it” sort of things, but I do however can give you some details on why people love crystal chandelier. I think it is an understatement that crystal chandeliers do cover the bases of it being the undisputed king of lighting fixtures and décor and that doesn’t stop there.

Crystal Chandelier Makes Your Home Sparkle

Well, first and foremost you all know that the impact that the crystal chandelier can do to a home is really phenomenal. It gives your home the certain spark that lets it have the kind of swagger that makes your home, different and unique. I do believe that in time the crystal chandelier will be a great addition to any home.

Why Not Try Elegance?

Yes friends, crystal chandelier does spell elegance to your home, every home that has been graced by the crystal chandelier spoils the elegant juice all over. Although people would rather have simple decors, I think the fastest way to get elegance to your home is through crystal chandelier. With its popularity hitting its mark there is no denying the crystal chandelier can be a mark of elegance anywhere.

Not the Average Lighting Fixture

Well it can’t be denied, the crystal chandelier does have that certain something that really brings out the beauty of your home, although most people would look at it in a different take, I think that the crystal chandelier does have that touch that can eventually make your home be as great as it is with a crystal chandelier. Although basic thought on the lighting fixture is it just something you hang in your ceiling, while in fact it is a symbol of great creativity and taste.

Style, Style and did I say Style?

Well, more to the fact that crystal chandelier possess the kind of style like no other decors can, its style is way different than others, although the truth is you can blend the exquisite the crystal chandelier in any kind of style or motif, its impact however comes with a great boom. Style is what this crystal chandelier different o others, it is what separates the man from the boys, so to speak. I think that going in all the troubles on looking for added styles, consider crystal chandelier to be the bearer on that.

Jron Magcale

Decor Caliente with Crystal Chandelier

October 17, 2008

A home that makes a big exchange with how you want it to be and how people would like it to see, the public have been in solid consideration on how they see a home whether they give it praise or criticism it is up to them, obviously. So, when you have a house that you think have the potential to be great, you should raise the bar on making you home in the level that you know can compete with other homes in terms of having a great home. Crystal chandelier can be a great décor to make your home have that additional impact. More to the note that it has been known as a prestigious home décor form way back, the crystal chandelier truly can be a great eye catcher for your home.

Prestigious Décor

Another big thought on crystal chandelier is the prestige factor; it has that undying element that can be really great to a home. Looking at what it can give your home, it can really mesmerize anyone who will see it for the first time. Their unique feature really sets them apart from other home decors. The neat and rich look to it can really be something to expect. Judging on what it can truly give your home, it can bring life to it like no other can. Any home that would basically give out the hint of having a great feature is always a big plus. Crystal chandelier can give you more than what you are expecting. Remember that the modern era right now is being in the evolution style, meaning there are more and more upgrades on anything and even in decors. The crystal chandelier would definitely make a good fit on maintaining class while having that exquisite modern look.

Impact Observed

Well, the main focus of having a crystal chandelier is to add impact to your home that would really make a difference, for sure there would be tons of improvement that would set out more than the expectation of common people. With the impact that this lighting fixture brings to a home, it is evident that it can really make your home have that style and design in which can be consider with poise of elegance. Right now there are a lot to be known and expect for a crystal chandelier. Initially it can be one of the great decors to have your home which is always the case.

More to the fact crystal chandeliers are really considered to be an expensive piece to have on an average home, but is it? Well, in most cases it can be, but let me tell you that there are crystal; chandelier that can be bought in a lower price with that you can really have the elegance and prestige of a crystal chandelier.

Jron Magcale

Things to Keep in Mind with Crystal Chandelier

October 7, 2008

There are important things that we as crystal chandelier owners should keep in mind. I think that the very thought of owning a crystal chandelier is a responsibility itself. So we should know the do’s and don’ts of these lovely lighting fixtures. A Crystal chandelier is a great décor but we should know how to care for it. I think that with a lot of people looking into the trend, the crystal chandelier has been one of the most well known pieces that home owners are adding to their home. But is it practical to own one? It depends, but if you are really looking into it in a way, you should always remember that there are guidelines and important things that we should look at.

Maintenance is Important!

Yes, we all know how good to own a crystal chandelier is and there are owners that looks at it in a way that it is just decors to a home. A crystal chandelier is a delicate flower, although it looks like a massive elegant lighting fixture, but if you don’t care about it and don’t give it proper maintenance it can be damaged or worst broken. Maintenance is really important with crystal chandelier and you should keep that in mind.

Size Does Matter

We all know that size is always a thing to behold, we all know that if we are presented with a big present it is always special, in crystal chandeliers, size can be a factor but not always. Of course if you have a big home big size can be a big factor, but if you have a small home, it can be the odd thing out. A big home does need a big crystal chandelier so that it will blend in the space. With small to average homes a size that can fit is enough. It is not a good thing to have a real big crystal chandelier because it’ll look pretty much awkward.

One Too Many?

A lot of homes have big spaces to spare so, one can argue if more than one crystal chandelier can be a great fit? Well, it can but only in certain circumstances only. For example you have a big dining room that often used at events, having 2 crystal chandeliers there can be acceptable but sometimes it has to blend with the room itself of course. Sometimes some home owners wants to distribute it in the whole room which sometimes a good thing but do not over do it or else it will look a bit awkward of course.

Let’s just say that crystal chandelier is a great décor but sometimes it can be not as good if overdone, I suggest that we all should look at it in a way that can really be a good fit to our home. Crystal chandelier should be looked at as a precious thing to have and by that you should have enough knowledge on how to carry and care a crystal chandelier.

Jron Magcale

Facts to Ponder with The Great Crystal Chandelier

October 3, 2008

Let us be prepared on what our future home would look like, it’s a constant changing generation that we’re at and as the changes go by, we are looking for more things to add to our home. So, what are the good things that we can put into our home anyway? I think that going into a lot of choices people tends to have that kind of reservation on looking into budget. I think that most people would tell you to go into the kind of decors that would probably save you money, but the question is will it be a good choice for you or would you be satisfied? There are a lot of thought that put in designing a home. Especially nowadays in which we are witnessing the modern front of home being seen. One popular décor is the crystal chandelier. It is known to be one of the most well-known but have the reputation of being the most expensive.

Budget Buster

They say that a crystal chandelier, although holds one of the most prestigious impact when looking at decors also can hurt your budget. Well, it is partly true but the common sense on it is you won’t be wasting money on it if you really don’t need it or if you don’t have the financial flexibility on it. It is understandable that crystal chandelier do cost high but if you look into it, you really are getting your money’s worth, just looking in the eyes of the ones whom are going to see it, certainly it will have a huge impact to a home that is concrete fact.

Big Impact Décor

To look at a crystal chandelier in your home does hold a lot. When you have a home that really have the style and sophistication that only royalty could touch it is almost a pre-requisite to have a crystal; chandeliers, medieval times castles have wrought iron chandeliers, modern day mansions does own a crystal chandelier, it just say that it really travel back into time and it’s impact not only as a décor but a lighting fixture is really observed. People do have the reservations on it as a different kind of décor but only a few have looked at the fact that a crystal chandelier can really create its own impact.

The stress in crystal chandelier is it holds a lot of things that people can really look at, although one popular thought on it is that it derives elegance to your home and extract into a wider presence. We are all aware on what a crystal chandelier can give to our home, and we should always look into making some necessary adjustments on making our home decors sort of have that elegance and style. As most people have point out, crystal chandelier is one of the most expensive decors you’ll ever find but the cost aside; crystal chandelier can be a viable option for your home for sure.

Jron Magcale

Prestigious Class with Crystal Chandelier

October 1, 2008

Trust me, your home needs crystal chandelier, it may be a bit bold request but let’s face it, it can give our home some big upgrade and it can further make our homes have that exclusivity factor. I can’t argue to the fact that some homes have does need something to make them beautiful, some just needs something to make them shine, and a perfect piece for their needs can be crystal chandelier. A lot of things have been said about crystal chandeliers and some of them have positive comments and some have some negative ones, it is really mixed commentaries and mixed emotions when we are looking at discovering crystal chandeliers. Although there are a lot of things that people often look at we, always have to be careful on what to expect or at least what to consider.

A crystal chandelier can make an impact like no other decors can. Imagine having the prestige in your home and have it bloom in a level that can really make a big step forward. I do believe that a crystal chandelier can have big worth in your home. Some may say that it is not practical to have the exquisite lighting fixture at home, because, they say it cost much and the maintenance can be another thing of concern. I believe that with people around the globe choosing to have crystal chandelier at their homes, it is much appreciated now more than ever. Crystal chandelier is a perfect compliment to a home which spells luxury. It is not hard to deny the fact that it can really give your home the points when having crystal chandelier on your home’s ceiling. Crystal chandelier is a great décor and people should really appreciate what it can give.

I think that the bottom line is, we all need some certain knowledge on our home, and we need to have a certain thought on certain stuff when looking at crystal chandelier. The things that people are considering nowadays is having a home filled with great potential, they know what to expect in a home and part of it of course gives you some ideas on making a home the certain style. We all need to know that crystal chandelier is a great piece of work, if you ask me there are a lot of factors that can be considered as eye candy in a home, a crystal chandelier can be considered as one of course but a lot of things are also in consideration. A crystal chandelier can win your home the luxury the prestige the finesse factor, well needless to say, it can be a great addition, so don’t just wait for a miracle for it to have the impact, join the club and make crystal chandelier shine in your home.

Jron Magcale