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Investing Guidelines in Miami Condo Real Estate

October 30, 2008

Well, let me tell you that one of the most known real estate market out in Miami is the condo real estate. A Miami condo is a common option for people who are moving on from a rental property to a place they can call their own. Buying for a Miami condo is a big step on both an emotional and financial level. Therefore, take into account the following guidelines when you are looking to buy a condo. I think that people have failed to look the potential of Miami condo real estate simply because it allows people to have a good elegant and stylish choice. It can be convenient and one of the most in demand market in the whole state.

Of course first things first learn the real estate market in your rental area. Look online to see the prices of the condos. Know the area’s demographics. Visit the area and observe the neighborhood and the tenants. It is quite important and you need to really put it in considerations. Looking for the best market for your Miami condo is significant and the fact that you would get a fair return is also a nice thought to it. Remember to always be sure and get the best value for your Miami condo real estate.

Next step; know how much the condos in your area have sold for. Check for prices posted online. Most states are disclosure states meaning that sales prices are public record. Visit the website of the county appraiser. Check to see what similar condos have sold for in the area. Miami might have different price ranges, but it is up to you to pick up the best for your budget, remember that you should shop wisely and make your investment in a good positive note. I think that with all the things that has been considered as critical investment condo can be one of them for sure.

To be smart you need to find out what sort of rent the condos are getting. You can ask a real estate agent. Look at the demand in the area. You want enough renters out there to easily be able to rent out your condo. Carefully select the building that you want to buy your condo in. Choose a well-run Homeowners Association. Decide how much money you want to spend. Find out what it takes to be a landlord. Look into state and municipal laws. To be safe you need to run it all with an expert but other than that, if you follow the guidelines I gave you, you’ll be fine. Miami condo real estate can very well be a good market to tackle.

Jron Macgale


Getting Started with Miami Condo Real Estate Hunting

October 29, 2008

Well, people always look at Miami condo market as a different kind of real estate market, honestly there are a lot of things that can be seen in terms of investing potential on the said market. We can witness a lot and for the thoughts of the market itself we can earn our stripes on it. Basically a Miami condo is a common option for people who are moving on from a rental property to a place they can call their own. Buying for a Miami condo is a big step on both an emotional and financial level. Therefore, take into account the following guidelines when you are looking to buy a Miami condo.

Knowing the Basics

Ok, this is the first step; you need to take into consideration any specific requirements that you have such as an attached balcony or patio, laundry room, desired square footage, along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. If you are a pet owner, search for a condo that has a lenient pet policy. Such things like that are very much important because it will determine what you want and need for a condo. Determine your budget and look for a condo that falls within your price range. Estimate how much you will need for a down payment and ensure you have the funds available. Also research and compare mortgage options.

Getting Started

Now, the next step is pretty simple, you just need to browse through the classified section of the newspaper to look for condo properties that are up for sale. Look for new developments, apartment conversions and resale. It is a good scouting option because it will give you fair estimates on condos that are open and listed. Miami is a pretty much big city so you’ll see a lot of different condo real estate ads all over the pages. All you have to do is pick the best condo that will suit you. It is not often that you can get pretty much a lot over one market alone. To think that there can be potential you need to dig deep as they say.

Make Contact

Now if you find one that fits your taste, you need to do the next step. Contact a well established Miami real estate agency to help with the Miami condo search. Tell the agent your specifications and ask for a list of Miami condo options. Subscribe to condo magazines to get up-to-date listings in your area. Make a list of the condos that interest you and notify your real estate agent to set up an appointment for a showing. Join Internet real estate forums to find resale listings. Post your condo requirements on the forum to allow prospective buyers to contact you. This will pretty much help you on your Miami condo real estate hunt. Remember to always find the best so there would be no regrets.

Jron Magcale

What Gives on Miami Condo Real Estate?

October 21, 2008

With all the news and the forecast on the condo real estate market, I think that a lot has been on the radar of nearly everything when it comes to the market. Right now the condo real estate is on a good movement. Little that most people think is that the entire market has shown big improvement over the last years, but this year it has been taking a slide due to a number of reasons, mainly I think is because of the economic crisis that has been hitting not only the U.S. but the almost entire the world. Miami has been hit entirely big in their condo real estate. With a few numbers showing significant slide and some forecast that has been in negative state, I think people have seen enough.

Miami condo real estate is one of the assets of the city’s real estate market. It has been really seen as a big hit if ever the market itself would encounter another slide in its numbers. But I think that there is more than just the numbers that has been posted on its market. The real thought on Miami’s state on its condo real estate can be seen in completely different set up if you will have your own look on it, certainly it can be something that people would look into or agreed upon but I think with the growing popularity of the market’s work, there can be a lot at stake. If you are looking into investing condo real estate, I think that Miami can still be a top pick for most. I think it is a common take although people would disagree if you have a closer look at it, estimate a few years from now and see what potential you can have, you’ll be good.

So far the problem with some condo real estate is entirely on its movement, because it is just following the movement of the economy and basing its status on forecast and reviews. I think that if you discount all that and focus on the market itself, you will see that you can have a good investment if you know how to play your cards right. The problem is when you are trying to accumulate something that will be really useful for your investment; you can choose something that would later be a good decision for you in the future. Looking into the market itself you will see that there can be bright future on its horizon, although many would think that it can be either way, still looking at Miami condo real estate you will get some ideas on it if you have a personal look and not just rely on forecast and numbers.

Jron Magcale

Positive Vibrations on Miami Condo Real Estate

October 20, 2008

The condo real estate market has always been hot in the public’s eye. It is really something that people have looked into and with all the thought on its market there are certain notes that has been in context with the market itself. Miami condo real estate, it is one of the most popular market in the area, a lot of investors and developers are looking on a possibility on prospering into the market it self, it is one of the most well-known markets right now and I think the possibility of it as a saviour of the struggling real estate industry can be a valid statement. There are a lot of good things that can be found on the real estate market itself, so there is no reason to have second thoughts on investing in it.

Condo Trend

Well, about a few years ago, the condo market isn’t as big as it is right now, well people know about it and when you live in Miami you ought to know more about it. Beachside properties have been a big hit so, the construction for Oceanside condos was a big hit for investors, it sold out nearly every time a new condo building will be finished, and it was a big trend that eventually became a big hit. Miami condo real estate really have travelled a long way since its hay days but right now a lot has been in discussions about the pressing issues about the market.

Business Option

It is a valid statement to say that the Miami condo real estate is a positive business option for different kind of investors. The thought of having it a broad market is a good point to tackle. There have been a lot of choices for Miami’s real estate biz, but the condo market can be a good first step for a brighter future. I think that possibility of the condo market being a top choice for your business should not be set aside, clearly right now, the possibility of it being a great option for people has been really a great thing to know.

Optimistic Possibilities

Yes there are different things that we can really have an eye for there are bold optimistic possibilities that can be seen. Main thing is that Miami, being a popular location for condo real estate is a nice asset to have. As we all know the condo real estate market right now has been taking a lot of hits, mixed reactions really, but the main thing is you have to have your own assessment on the market to have a valid good look at it. Certain possibilities can be sought after with Miami condo real estate, it is just a matter of time till you get the vibe on it.

Jron Magcale

Don’t Blame Miami for its Condo Real Estate Market Drought

October 16, 2008

Much to the dismay of many the Miami condo real estate market declined so fast that even the high rollers of the game have observed in silence, in 2004 the condo real estate market in Miami is rolling, with newly built condos here and there, the stat sheet is filling up like a Jason Kidd on a good day. But now, everything is in quiet nature and it seems that there are a lot of talks about how the industry can find a good rebound over the said thought. Clearly there are some problems to address but the main reason I see is not in the city, it’s not even in the state, it is more of a national approach, well, check that it is a more global approach. I think that economic crisis has been hitting the mainstream and it is not making any good cause for many markets and Miami condo market is a part of it.

Economic Crisis Gone Global

Miami is having not a good time in its real estate business, well check out other markets as well, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia oh, let’s move on, Tokyo, Manila, Shanghai and even Bangkok, Moscow, Paris, Bologna, I can go on and on and I won’t even blink. Point is, the economic crisis has hit in a worldwide effect, causing many investors shy away on the possibility on investing in one place. Miami for example have a decent track record in its real estate corps, well any market can have the same effect but right now, potential alone can only get you so far. It is like having a bad season on a football league, you can’t get a Touchdown or yards for that matter, you’re in a slump and I think a lot of cities in the country are getting that a lot. Slump is not a big word but yet too many have been affected by it.

It has been one thing, the economic crisis have hit Miami like an injury bug hitting its pro basketball team the Heat. So, I think it is rather understandable to see Miami condo real estate having that status in the market, overbuilding, lack of buyers etc. there are problems within but I think it is much easier to handle if you give it time. What’s brutal right now is how the vultures or the critics has been looking at this situation like it is some sort of a disease that is incurable, well in fact it can be solved in a few years time, it is the same situation back in the 90’s and we found our rebound in the early 2000’s. so I think it is safe to assume that the economic hit can be a factor but really it is much to the point that people looking to see what’s really brewing in the marketplace.


Well, in terms of rebound season, I think we can give Miami condo real estate say 3-4 years to back in full effect, I say we can still have the rebuilding process on our heads once the tide is clear but right now our focus should be seen in a relatively positive attitude. We can’t get a good break now, especially if Bush is still in the Whitehouse, but if we can get a good break say having to focus on our own country’s economic growth and development, I say there can be good season to look for. For Miami condo real estate I think the time can be now, or it can be the other way around, so patience might be a good virtue now.

Jron Magcale

Style and Great Living with Miami Condo Real Estate

October 7, 2008

Condominiums are in a great good trend and nowadays people prefer to live in style and with condos, you know you’ll get the modern look and the great style while living your life to the fullest. They say that living your life on the edge is always fun and we all know that there are a lot of celebrities and known-figures that prefers to have condo home than having a big residential home. It is like living in a compact setting that still have everything look in style. Well, now that we are talking about condo real estate. Let’s locate the best place for condos, you might a lot of cities in mind, my guess is you have L.A., N.Y. or L.V. in your minds but let me tell you that the big ‘ol M.I.A. no, not Missing In Action but Miami, is one of the big boys in condo real estate.

As we all know and aware of Miami condo real estate has been on the scene ever since the condo booms have hit the American soil, Miami boasts a lot of potential to be a great condo hot spot. Let us look at why, Miami is the best for condo real estate and try to see some important factors why people look at Miami in a relatively different way.

Sun, Sand and Surf

Like Southern California, South Florida’s Miami is a hot spot for spring breaks and summer vacations, why? Well for one the beaches of the place can be a real paradise. So, every year we see a lot of tourist (Foreigners or not) that have been strolling Miami Beach strip, having fun in the sun. So with that I think that the beachfront condos have been a really good treat for people who want to make Miami their permanent vacation spot. Miami condo real estate has really gets big attention with this factor.

Living in Style

A lot of Miami luxury condo has been established as a style haven, having the best furniture the best location and the best establishments, living in Miami style has been a great thing. Exclusive condo real estate has been known to make famous people get their names on the list and people who are into style can really have a ball considering Miami is a place where we all know that we can get the satisfaction of having the style factor in the running.

I think that there are a lot of things that we should all look at into considering our home, Miami condo real estate is a perfect example of living in paradise and in this case, living in condo paradise. I am sure that there a re a lot of choices that people can look at and choose from but the real deal is Miami is a great place for our home to have that great sense of style and we can all enjoy what that city ahs to offer. Miami condo real estate is a real great market, so I suggest you have look at it.

Jron Magcale

Will The Miami Condo Real Estate Market Have a Bright Future?

October 3, 2008

Condos are sometimes a good choice or pick for people who are looking for a home, it is a perfect fit for the “on-the-go” lifestyle. People sometimes look at it in a different outlook but what does it mean for a young successful on-the-rise bachelor? It means a lot. Of course bachelors always want to look at their best whether in style or home, and what is the best home that commits style but having a beachfront condo in a busy Miami strip? That’s right I’m sure the ladies would dig that for sure. Miami condo real estate of course gives the single mean and women who want to live in style and trend. I think that there are more than meets the eye with Miami condo real estate. So, Miami condo real estate is always one of the best targets out there for more and more people, if you ask them yourself you’ll see the answer can really be convincing.

So even if the numbers would give you different outlook, if you are really looking at living in style in the metro, you should consider Miami condo real estate as one of your targets. A lot of people are saying that Miami condo real estate is probably one of the finest real estate areas in the country we have heard that over the last few years, its condo market have gone to a good increase in numbers and that explains the more condo building in the area, the beach strips of Miami have really received an upgrade due to the condos that are being built there, a lot of Miami condo real estate developers have looked into getting more and more potential on having their market have a significant bump into success.

We should all look at the known notions that Miami condo real estate have been getting. An anonymous real estate developer has said that “Over the last couple of years the condo market here in Miami has really grown, they say its overbuilding I beg to differ, the future s just miles away.” Indeed there can be future in the horizon, I know that the future could be a little bit shaky, but like anything else no one can tell, not even experts not even numbers. “I think that the critics are being a bit harsh on treating the market like a child, but if you really look into future numbers, there can be significant rise over the next 4-5 years.” The developer added.

I think that Miami isn’t losing the condo real estate battle, rather getting ready for the future. It so happens that the economic crisis throughout the whole country have been really in the low end, so every market are suffering from the critics, it’s really more of a blaming game more than anything and I think people should look at it in a positive note rather than pin pointing causes. There are no problems only solutions and with it, Miami condo real estate can really be a good solution for our future condo needs.

Jron Magcale

The Course of Miami Condo Real Estate in our Market

October 1, 2008

Fact is told about our real estate market and the truth is, it is not looking all that well, we might think that it is on the good spot, well it can be wrong. Certain experts say that with the economic downward spiral of the country, it is hard to keep track of a market that can boast potential. Although there are markets that can be considered as good omen, there are still some that they say can cause drama along the way. So when looking at potential alone we should be keen. In Miami, there are a lot of real estate markets that can prosper on a few years time, it is in a cycle and by that it can really something that can be determine as a good market. Looking at some points and facts, Miami condo real estate isn’t as bad as they all say after all.

Right now, the average condo sells from $400,000 and up looking at that median price, people might sour on that, but with other markets looking to open up, there are quite potential on getting Miami condo real estate now as the prices of it seems to go lower by the minute. There are condos that are starting at a modest $250,000 and some that uses lay away methods, so even if it is high priced the payment won’t be as brutal. There are pre-construction condos in which can offer good deals for you in the future, so looking at it, it won’t be as bad as it seems. I think that the basic problem of the real estate market is not within the market itself rather than its on the makeup of the economic growth, we are on a slump as a country, a lot of countries are in that slump as well, it is hard to shake off but we can all hold onto our position and just wait for a better day.

Patience is the key as they say, although in business patience means so little it can be a good thing to have it in a time like this. The reality of the matter is Miami condo real estate is something that we can look at least consider. There are investment opportunities in our market, that is the truth and if we can be patient and can just know more about our own market we’ll do good, it is a down time everywhere and the best strategy now is to hold and observe. We have witness the rise and fall, the boom and bust and the ins and outs of the Miami real estate market, although there are things that we can really look at in a business point of view, it is still important for us to be aware on what is going on. Miami condo real estate can be something that we can expect to pull us out of the ashes and with that being said, patience can be a virtue in this kind of business.

Jron Magcale

Exclusive Look at Miami Condo Real Estate

October 1, 2008

People tend to look at the condo market as a cash cow, but others have a different view. It is called difference in opinions, I think that as much as other markets tries to pull the condo market downward, there can still be hope in the horizon. One important point on the condo market is that it really relies heavily in its resources, such as the location, the scenery and of course the furnishing. Condo real estate is a broad market that most people tend to look at it differently. The thing is there can be little attention that has been put through the market; we can’t be sure of it but there can be cases. Location is one thing that does big impact for condo real estate. Why, you asked? Well, for one it can attract the consumers more if you can have your condo is located in a commercial area or a hot spot or even in a city that offers different things.

So let’s find a place where condos are a big hit or say, a place where condos have an advantage over other markets. One place I have in mind is Sunshine State’s very own Miami, yes, the popular city the boasts the white sand beaches and great scenery, Miami is always a place of potential for most and there are a lot of people who looks at it as one of the best cities there is. So, we have the Miami condo real estate in consideration and not to mention, a big possibility for you. Miami condo real estate has a lot to offer, we have to be there to experience the leisure and excitement in the fabulous Miami. Their condos are great because most of them are in the ocean side or beach side and with that it can boast killer sceneries that will blow your mind off. I think that people often looks at Miami condo real estate as a really great find, because you will have the chance to get the condos that can really fit you.

Of course most of the choices are up to you, because you have to consider a lot of things yourself, but personality-wise I think that Miami condo real estate will fit your lifestyle. Looking at the pages of the list of famous people who have a Miami condo home, you’ll be surprised. Of course it is not just for the popular people rather it is accessible to anyone who wishes to have a home in Sunny Miami. Miami condo real estate is a place where a lot of us can enjoy. It is basically a vacation spot and with that you know that everyday can be a treat as well. Looking on the things that we can have in Miami its an endless possibilities, we all know that it can give us and we are not a lone in that assumption. Miami is definitely a place of greatness and I think having that said, Miami will fit you just good.

Jron Magcale

Overlooking Potential in Miami Condo Real Estate

September 20, 2008

Most people prefer to have a condo instead of a full residential home, why? Well it is because it is a big trend nowadays plus having to live in style is also a big factor. The idea of condos being a big difference maker for a home is a big one, contrary to the big knowledge that when you live in a condo, automatically you live in style, it is a normal thing that most people thinks or look at. I believe that it can always be a good thing to put into mind, but one of things that made condos popular are the big trends that have surfaced throughout the years. Most people will tell you that living in a condo can be a real treat but some will tell you it is not practical, but all of it can be just mixed emotions. Miami is one of the hot spots for summer homes, vacations and well, condos! It is a popular hotspot; considering it have open arms welcomed the boom in condos a few years back.

Right now, condos have became one of the best home option an individual can have, families also choose condos because of the practical space it can offer them. I believe that there will be a lot of things that can be said on condos especially condos in Miami but with the popular thought of it, it can be very well a hard thing to look at because people can criticize Miami condos with a single smirk. Why, you asked? Well it is because the numbers that are flipping up and down, so with that being a factor, I believe that the popularity of the Miami condo can be a bit tarnished now more than ever. Of course there are still people who prefers modern Miami condos because they like it in a personal kind of way but with the criticism plus add that the overall economic crisis of the country is hitting an all-time low, it can be nice to assume that the condo market is looking good enduring all those hits.

The main thing that has been considered as a big factor on Miami condo real estate is the warm feel of the people on it. Although it has been safely regarded as a hot market, it can still be a good home to have. Looking at it in a practical way, Miami condo real estate is something that people have always been love to have, some dream of having a condo of their own, still the value of Miami condo is still hard to ignore, it is a market that can have stability given the chance. I think that people sometimes overlooks its value to an individual but I think that with all the things that has happen in the market, I can safely say that Miami condo market will be just fine. It is a hard market but there can be potential, people will still look at it as the same market the boast a lot and with that being said, Miami condo real estate is one of the best for individuals looking to live in style.

Jron Magcale