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Tips on Performing D’Lite Magic Tricks

December 5, 2008

It is always a good thought on having magic tricks being a part of your entertainment arsenal. For one it is always entertaining and can always leave your audience amazed on things that you do. So if you want to amaze and astound your friends and family with illusions and magic tricks? You should always pick the best out there. Let me tell you that the D’lite magic tricks and illusion can be a good thing. Do you think it will take years and years to learn how to do D’lite magic trick? It is not actually rocket science, so if you have a D’lite magic trick and have a D’lite instructional DVD to get you started and has you on your way.

My first tip is to learn the D’lite magic trick completely. Always remember that there are no shortcuts in magic. Each magic trick has a special way of being presented to the audience. And that goes with the D’lite magic trick as well. Often, the trick employs the use of a scientific principle and it would in your best interests to thoroughly understand that concept before trying out the trick. D’lite has an instructional video in which you can learn a lot and fast.  You need to follow it thoroughly and make adjustments if needed as well.

Another tip is that you need to practice more until you can master the D’lite magic tricks. While practice may seem to be tedious at times, to perform D’lite magic tricks this step is essential. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably a full length one to try out the trick. You need to know your routine and follow through, of course you need to criticize our self and eliminate the errors as you go along. Practicing also gives the aspiring magician an added boost of confidence. Being sure of your technique and delivery will show your audience your mastery of the D’lite magic.

You should always remember that D’lite magic requires manipulation both of the props and the audience. When you learn how to do D’lite magic trick, you take that head knowledge of the illusion and then transfer it to your hands, it is an important aspect to your success. Master your movements and the trick will follow, remember that you are creating an illusion of light so you always have to be careful. D’lite magic tricks are easy to learn and with practice you can make a show worthwhile. Just always believe in yourself and always find confidence on what you do.

Jron Magcale


Basic Magic Tricks for Basic Magic Kits

December 4, 2008

People are always amazed on how the magic tricks are being performed in front of live audience, guys like David Copperfield, Chris Angel, David Blaine and even old school Harry Houdini have never failed to impress people with their magic acts. Basically, performing magic is great way to meet people or to simply impress your friends. There are some magic tricks that look great to other people but are actually easy to perform; you’ll be surprised how easy they are performed, really. There are 2 easy magic tricks that you can perform using magic kits as well and they are the Water to Ice trick and the Disappearing Coin trick. All of which have their own magic kits so that you can perfectly execute the trick itself.

Well, giving you the first trick, it is actually very easy to perform. Water to Ice, well what you will do is pour water into a cup and then dump out a couple of ice cubes and no water. People will wonder how the water turned into ice. This can be really surprising for some who don’t know the trick, for this trick you need a cup that isn’t see-through, maybe a solid color cup will do. When no one is looking, you will stuff a sponge in the bottom of the cup. Then put a couple ice cubes on top of the sponge inside the cup. While everyone is watching, pour water into the cup. The sponge will absorb the water so when you turn the cup over all that will pour out will be the ice cubes. That can definitely a treat and the magic kits are so simple as well.

How about the famous, disappearing coin trick? Well it is another easy magic trick that uses a simple magic kit. Well, basically for this trick you will sit at a table and place a coin in front of everyone. Then you will take one of your hands and place it over the coin. With three fingers, you will drag the coin across the table making sure you keep your hand and arm parallel to the table. Drag the coin to the edge of the table and let it drop into your lap. As you pick your hand up, rub your fingers together and look surprised like the coin is vanishing. Then turn your hand to the on-lookers and show them your hand is empty. Another well played magic trick that has people guessing again the only magic kit you used was a coin.

Those 2 easy magic tricks can get you started on learning more. People might look at it as a very simple trick but it can still surprise a lot of people and you’ll be surprised as well as on how the simple tricks uses simple props or magic kits. Essentially, more and more people will be amazed if you can continually do tricks in a manner and make everyone seems pleased on how the tricks are being made. Well, having simple magic tricks using simple magic kits can really be enjoyable and practical as well.

Jron Magcale

Ways to Improve Enhance Your Magic Tricks

October 29, 2008

For some people magic seems to be a thing that they most like because it entertains people in such a good way. I think that close-up magic is incredibly versatile. It can be used for walk around performances at parties and events, in street performances and for impromptu personal effects. When people meet magicians, they want to see magic. Even the biggest stage magicians are expected by the public to be able to perform close-up miracles of magic. Many feel that close-up magic tricks are the foundation of all magic skills and I second that motion.

Well here are the things that you need to keep in mind in order to get a closer look at close-up magic tricks:

#1 Master the sleight of hand – Do not merely study or learn sleight of hand; it must be mastered because it is the foundation of close-up magic tricks. Many magicians choose to concentrate on either sleight of hand with playing cards or coins. Close-up magic is not limited to these two areas, though. It is important that you master it for better performance and skill upgrade.

# 2 Bring stuff with You – Here, you need to carry one or two small items for performing at all times. Close-up magic tricks can be performed with common objects such as keys, coins, rubber bands, playing cards and many more items so this is not the inconvenience it may initially appear to be. The thing is we should always keep something for us to be ready for anything.

#3 Perform often – Practice makes perfect. Remember that true progress can only be forged through the fires of performances before actual audiences. You should always keep in mind that you need to always train to get familiar with your skill set. Magic tricks are great to learn, just make sure that you always get the chance to showcase it.

#4 Improve interpersonal skills – The real magic of magic is not in the trick itself but in the experience. The magician will create the experience with his actions and words. Interaction is always a key, although most people would give you some moments that can not be too good. Always think that your interpersonal skills should be polished for better overall performance.

#5 Study and learn from each performance – Now, the key to improvement is the honest and thorough examination of past performance with the intention of identifying weak areas. Improvise with objects at hand to stimulate creativity. Of course enable you to get better. You should always get time to practice and study, learn from your experience and get the job done. Your growth in magic tricks can be summed up with how you learn your own tricks.

Jron Magcale

Learning Steps with Magic Tricks

October 24, 2008

Well, it is always fun and exciting to watch magic shows, because for one, it never fails to entertain audience with their breath taking magic tricks and great performance. Simply, magic is enjoying renewed popularity across the globe thanks to a new generation of performers such as Criss Angel and David Blaine in the US and Derren Brown in the UK. Follow these steps to learn some simple magic tricks of your own. It is a great thing that those people have captivated the minds of the masses, catapulting the magic tricks’ popularity in to greater heights. Of course it is almost impossible to copy their tricks, but it never hurts to try.


Probably the first step on magic tricks is learning a few easy tricks by visiting the local library and looking for books on basic magic or “self working” tricks. These commonly can be found in the large chain bookstores as well. Self study would be a great first step simply because you will be able to explore and get yourself started.

From Basic to Boogie

Now, graduate to more advanced tricks and techniques if still interested after performing magic tricks found in the easy books. Jumping from basic to advance will make your progress a lot faster. People often looks at this as a different thing, but I think barring on the same way you can learn, your progress will be closely watched.

Finding Your Forte

Specialize in a certain genre of magic. Well, this is an important part, it would be almost impossible to learn every single magic trick in the book, so, choose a weapon of your choice. This will be extremely helpful on mastering your own craft when it comes to magic tricks. Be sure to make the magic tricks seems like your art, to further impress the audience.

Advance Materials Needed

Ok, now that you are progressing, next stuff is finding advance materials. After becoming proficient at performing magic tricks and establishing basic skills, DVDs can be a valuable learning resource. It can give you valuable tricks and can be a great tool for your learning experience. You should always try to learn and trying to get advance material would definitely help you hone your craft.

Watch and Learn

Now, this is a tip, study other magicians and performers to gain insights on performing magic tricks. There are several free podcasts such as “Go Magic Go” and “iTricks,” magazines and Internet groups that cover the magic industry. IT is really a good way to start everything up for you to learn more and be more efficient in your magic tricks.

Join the Club

Now, once, you know your way into the magic industry, next stuff, is finding allies that could help your progress. Join a magic group to exchange ideas and learn from other magicians. In the United States the two largest groups are the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians. It is pretty much an important thing to have insights shared so that you can learn more for you to have a good career at the art.

Jron Magcale

Remove the Crystal Chandelier the Safe Way

October 23, 2008

Ok, so let me tell you that when it comes to crystal chandelier you should always have the knowledge on how to install and remove it. If you as why? Well, if you don’t know how to do both, how are you going to able to clean it or replace parts? Yeah, well installing and removing are 2 different things. It is a known thing and people who own a crystal chandelier are aware of it because it is simply one of the most important things to know about crystal chandelier and simply learning t can be quite an experience.

Right now let me teach you some step by step procedure on how to remove a crystal chandelier.

What do you need?

Wire Nuts
Pliers with rubber-insulated handles
Circuit Tester

Cut The Power to the Light Fixture – This is important because we know the hazard of being electrocuted, it is better to be on the safe side rather than on danger. Well, it is the first thing that you have to keep in mind if you want to have a safe run at it, I suggest you do what I say.

Remove the Escutcheon Plate from the Chandelier.- This step is for you to start things up, to carefully put the crystal chandelier into its pieces, you need to first remove the escutcheon plate, in that way the nest steps will be made with ease.

Unscrew the Wire Nuts – Well, right now you have to go and try to unscrew the wire nuts so that you can carefully remove the next parts, be sure to put the wire nuts to a place where you can easily find them to avoid losing them, it is pretty much important to have them on a safe zone.

Apply a Circuit Tester to the Exposed Wires to Ensure the Power to the Circuit is Off – Well just to be in the safe side, you need to double check on the electricity on this one. It is really important that the power to the circuit is off, so that you’ll be safe and to avoid, accidents.

Using a Pair of Pliers, Open a Link in the Chandelier’s Suspension Chain – Now right here you need to follow instruction real close. Now the suspension link is your connection of the chandelier and the ceiling. If you can open that using pliers, you can get it down afterwards.

Now you are all good, you have successfully removed a crystal chandelier from a ceiling, it’ll now be easier for you to clean it or upgrade it, just remember always stay on the safe side, follow instructions and be knowledgeable on what you do.

Jron Magcale

2 Popular Magic Tricks We Love

October 21, 2008

The very basic trait of a magic trick is the illusion that people makes out of it. Magic tricks have been sought as a great entertainment for audience, but clearly the optical illusion that the magician does to make their tricks seem more real is a wonder itself. I do believe that magic tricks should be categorized as one of the nicest acts in the biz. Throughout the years the point that magic tricks has been a real deal breaker for many. I think that people will be aware on the kind of tricks that the performers can do. I do believe that with magic tricks there can be a lot to look for and if you are curious you should know that the tricks should always be performed with such care.

Card Tricks

Well one of the most common magic trick around is the magic tricks, it is a common concept that the magic card trick is one of the basic tricks a magician or performer can do, often performed in the start of shows, the card tricks can really be a good trick to know, some are easy and some can be hard, it is a little bit hard to keep track on it because mainly it is consist of hand speed and coordination. Careful practice can be good thing to start with magic tricks but right now, magic card tricks can be seen as a noteworthy thought on magic tricks. But like everything else, people should always consider that magic tricks using cards is always a popular act.

Disappearing Acts

Another popular part of magic tricks is the disappearing acts, well this performance can be really amusing and there are a lot of magicians that have been really using this as one of their forte, the magic tricks has been really on a good plus side, which in fact a nice thing to look at. The disappearing acts can really a great trick to perform and it can really be a great thing especially now that there is certain performance that lacks this kind of acts. The disappearing acts can really be looked at as a great deal for magic shows.

Well those are just simple things that we can see at a magic shoe, magic tricks can always be sought as a good thing but right now some shows lacks the aspect that it made them really popular, illusions really never loose in this show and the element of surprise is always looked at an important factor, it is a good thing to look at that magic tricks can be learned and performed it just takes the right timing for them. I do believe that with magic tricks we can always be amused and have a great time on learning and watching them.

Jron Magcale

Magic Tricks: Key Ingredients to amaze the Crowd

October 3, 2008

One of the best shows that we can ever watch or witness is the Magic shows, it continually amazes us and it always shows great performances. Magic shows can often be watch on stages or sometimes in TV. The performers or the so called Magicians will give you a great show that can be really entertaining. Some people often ask just how the magicians do their show. Well of course it all start with mastering their Magic Tricks, of course 90% of the shows are performed with magic shows it is always known that magic tricks does give a lot to entertain people whom are watching, their shows are really entertaining and the way they perform their tricks can really be a scene to behold. Although there are a lot of questions about how they do their tricks, still it is performed in such great poise but kept in secrecy.

Sometimes a magician can entertain the idea of teaching their magic tricks to some people who wants to learn it, but like everybody else, it should be kept as a secret. It is like those Patient-Doctor confidentiality, but in this case, it is more of teacher-student confidentiality. Keeping magic tricks in secret is a big thing to always remember, people should understand that a magicians magic tricks can’t be tossed around to other people, because it is not just some simple tricks that one can perform, magic tricks needs to be practiced and have great of dedication as well, because executing it can be difficult at times if you don’t know the timing. There are certain timing and execution to each magic tricks, so a magician should always be ready and prepared on their performances. Their poise and execution when performing is really a thing of greatness because you’ll see how easily they do their tricks and that my friend is a result of dedication to their craft.

A gun to a soldier, a pen to writer or a racket to a tennis player, magic trick is a weapon of choice for magicians as well. There are lot that people put into their craft and with that being said, magic tricks does really play a big part on every magicians life. It is not that magic tricks is just something they have to learn but it is something that they have to put into their hearts and minds in order to familiarize themselves to their craft. Magic is a big word to some but for magic shows it is a word that constantly used as an attraction for most. Famous magicians have become famous because of their magic tricks and a lot have earned big money on just performing in big stages in hotels and casino in the country. Magic tricks are really a powerful skill to learn because it can put smiles to people’s faces.

Jron Magcale

Element of Surprise Key for Magic Tricks

October 1, 2008

It is really great to watch shows live, the performance is always amusing, whether it’s a musical, dance, or stage play but somehow a certain show offers more. The excitement, the amusement and the well-known element of surprise, you might be a little bit puzzled on what I am talking about. Well, I am pertaining to the wonderful world of Magic shows that is one of the most surprising things that you’ll watch. It definitely has a lot of elements to just one show but realistically it is motored by one thing, the magic tricks. Well I think that most people already know that the show is run by magic tricks that are being well executed by the magician or the main performer. Although people know that it is a show, some still looks at it as another thing that some people have in their minds. Obviously it is just a show, but for some it is more that that.

Magic tricks are often a hard thing to do, if you don’t know the basic, you might get lost, it’s that hard to accomplish, most people knows how it’s done, sometimes it is just a simple trick but most of the time it can be really hard, it is the execution of the trick that makes it really good. The tricks are also something that the performers have studied and practice over and over so that it can be mastered, so when the show comes, they will have a great performance and can make their tricks seems real. That is something that most people are really looking at. As a performer of course you have the code of ethics on how things are performed and one big rule is to never let others know about your magic tricks, it is a thing that most magicians are bound to honor. You don’t want your tricks to be copied or something, right? So, you better keep your tricks in secrecy.

A lot of people have been really keen on learning a lot about magic tricks, for some it is just a simple thing but for most it can be a hobby that can ultimately lead into an occupation. There are famous magicians that we all know, like, David Copperfield, David Blaine Harry Houdini etc. they all like most magicians have perfected their craft, it is something that they give attention and time, just like any other, patience is a virtue with the magicians, they know that in order to learn a magic it’ll take blood, sweat and tears or something close to it, it’ll take time, that’s for sure so when you are looking on learning magic tricks, you should know more about it and study the basics, I’m pretty much sure that you won’t going to learn it overtime so might as well give it time. Magic tricks can sometime be easy and sometime hard, it’s up to you if you want to learn or just be a spectator.

Jron Magcale

Please Crowds with Magic Tricks

September 20, 2008

The truth about magic shows is that the show itself is part entertainment and part deception, not in a bad way though but performance-wise. A lot of the things that we witness or watch is made with misdirection and deception for our own entertainment of course. There are a lot of things that are in consideration of course but looking at it, we can see that there are a lot of ways that a performer or a magician can do for us to believe their so called magic. People are inclined to believe that “magic” can be the real thing but sometimes it is the other way around. We can be fooled by the kind of magic tricks that the magician or performer will do and most part of it can be really entertaining. We are used to believe that the magic shows can really be something that we can all be happy watching.

There are a lot of things that we can all see and of course enjoy in a magic show, people are used to watching the show and be filled with excitement once that drum roll hits the PA system. Then when the magician executes one of their magic tricks the crowd will be left in awe. Looking at it there are really things that we can learn from this performances, once of it is their timing and execution, every magic tricks has timing and well, execution. The reality of it is that when we have the chance to finally be in the stage and being the ones who are performing in front of the live audiences we all kind of try to relax and try to remember the timing and execution that the magic tricks requires. Enjoying the tricks can be a real joy to the masses and the crowd. There are real things that matter despite the performance uses tricks. The thing is with tricks is that it steps uses real-time execution; there are no simulation when you are making magic tricks.

We are all try to have in mind that with all things we see in a show, the magic tricks is always the number 1 arsenal of the performers or magicians. Imagine a singer who can’t sing or a dancer who can’t dance, a magician can’t do anything without its tricks, not necessary magic though but tricks. A person who wants to learn the arts of magic often try to emulate what they all see on other performance, not really copying but just trying to add it to their tools or their tricks. If one can make a trick that can be unique, other magicians would try to get the point of it and try to include it to their list of moves. It is nature for the magicians as they all try to share knowledge but not always. Magic tricks can be very much a good thing, because it entertains the audience, it can send the crowd into smiles and all that.

Jron Magcale

Another Magic Tricks Up on your Sleeves

September 20, 2008

They say the hand move faster than the eye, so as for magic tricks, most of its basis is made by the hand, misdirection is the key and with that let me say that magic tricks is one of the most fascinating performing arts there is known to man. Let me say that I want to salute those experts on performing and executing the magic tricks that they do to amuse audience and get loud applauses. Magic tricks are always a hard task to do that is for sure. A lot of people have thought that magic is really something deeper than just tricks, some say it is true some say it is not, there are different stories of course it depends on the one who understood it or to the one telling you about it. At first it can just be word of the mouth, but when you can have a first look at it, you’ll probably drop your jaw in disbelief, although at the show it seems to be so hard to do, when you see how it is played out you’ll be amazed.

Most performers?takes years just to perfect one arsenal that they can use, it takes months of practice just to know the right timing, execution and all that. Magic tricks can sure be hard but once learned can be fun to perform. It is not really as hard as rocket science so to speak, but rather just as hard as it looks but when executing, it’s all about the timing and the direction of the show or the performance. Looking into the wide world of magic tricks you’ll see how hard a single trick can be learned, more often the hard tricks are for the main events, the ohhs and ahhs have to wait for the main menu once the performance will draw to a close. The hocus pocus can start but the main course often to be save for last. They say that when you try to practice one trick you’ll be inclined on doing another in awe.

Sometimes the best tricks are those which are simple but can get the “I can’t believe you just did that?” type of look in the faces of your audience. The simpler the trick is the better, but if you want your audience to jump out of their seats you need to do more than just disappearing tricks, the bolder the better and sometimes the more dangerous the trick is the better the audience gets their focus in. Of course you always have to capture your audience imagination kind of like get their interest on a trick and then hit them with the best element there is, the element of surprise. Most of the good tricks are surprise tricks, kind of like what you don’t expect would likely to happen. Magic tricks are hard to learn when you go into deep details but for your own curiosity and amusement you should make a commitment on it, so that you can focus on it for sure.

Jron Magcale