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Tips on Performing D’Lite Magic Tricks

December 5, 2008

It is always a good thought on having magic tricks being a part of your entertainment arsenal. For one it is always entertaining and can always leave your audience amazed on things that you do. So if you want to amaze and astound your friends and family with illusions and magic tricks? You should always pick the best out there. Let me tell you that the D’lite magic tricks and illusion can be a good thing. Do you think it will take years and years to learn how to do D’lite magic trick? It is not actually rocket science, so if you have a D’lite magic trick and have a D’lite instructional DVD to get you started and has you on your way.

My first tip is to learn the D’lite magic trick completely. Always remember that there are no shortcuts in magic. Each magic trick has a special way of being presented to the audience. And that goes with the D’lite magic trick as well. Often, the trick employs the use of a scientific principle and it would in your best interests to thoroughly understand that concept before trying out the trick. D’lite has an instructional video in which you can learn a lot and fast.  You need to follow it thoroughly and make adjustments if needed as well.

Another tip is that you need to practice more until you can master the D’lite magic tricks. While practice may seem to be tedious at times, to perform D’lite magic tricks this step is essential. Stand in front of a mirror, preferably a full length one to try out the trick. You need to know your routine and follow through, of course you need to criticize our self and eliminate the errors as you go along. Practicing also gives the aspiring magician an added boost of confidence. Being sure of your technique and delivery will show your audience your mastery of the D’lite magic.

You should always remember that D’lite magic requires manipulation both of the props and the audience. When you learn how to do D’lite magic trick, you take that head knowledge of the illusion and then transfer it to your hands, it is an important aspect to your success. Master your movements and the trick will follow, remember that you are creating an illusion of light so you always have to be careful. D’lite magic tricks are easy to learn and with practice you can make a show worthwhile. Just always believe in yourself and always find confidence on what you do.

Jron Magcale


Basic Magic Tricks for Basic Magic Kits

December 4, 2008

People are always amazed on how the magic tricks are being performed in front of live audience, guys like David Copperfield, Chris Angel, David Blaine and even old school Harry Houdini have never failed to impress people with their magic acts. Basically, performing magic is great way to meet people or to simply impress your friends. There are some magic tricks that look great to other people but are actually easy to perform; you’ll be surprised how easy they are performed, really. There are 2 easy magic tricks that you can perform using magic kits as well and they are the Water to Ice trick and the Disappearing Coin trick. All of which have their own magic kits so that you can perfectly execute the trick itself.

Well, giving you the first trick, it is actually very easy to perform. Water to Ice, well what you will do is pour water into a cup and then dump out a couple of ice cubes and no water. People will wonder how the water turned into ice. This can be really surprising for some who don’t know the trick, for this trick you need a cup that isn’t see-through, maybe a solid color cup will do. When no one is looking, you will stuff a sponge in the bottom of the cup. Then put a couple ice cubes on top of the sponge inside the cup. While everyone is watching, pour water into the cup. The sponge will absorb the water so when you turn the cup over all that will pour out will be the ice cubes. That can definitely a treat and the magic kits are so simple as well.

How about the famous, disappearing coin trick? Well it is another easy magic trick that uses a simple magic kit. Well, basically for this trick you will sit at a table and place a coin in front of everyone. Then you will take one of your hands and place it over the coin. With three fingers, you will drag the coin across the table making sure you keep your hand and arm parallel to the table. Drag the coin to the edge of the table and let it drop into your lap. As you pick your hand up, rub your fingers together and look surprised like the coin is vanishing. Then turn your hand to the on-lookers and show them your hand is empty. Another well played magic trick that has people guessing again the only magic kit you used was a coin.

Those 2 easy magic tricks can get you started on learning more. People might look at it as a very simple trick but it can still surprise a lot of people and you’ll be surprised as well as on how the simple tricks uses simple props or magic kits. Essentially, more and more people will be amazed if you can continually do tricks in a manner and make everyone seems pleased on how the tricks are being made. Well, having simple magic tricks using simple magic kits can really be enjoyable and practical as well.

Jron Magcale

Lights Up and Action on D’Lite Magic Tricks

November 11, 2008

When dealing with magic, you know that there are a lot of things that we can all look and see. Most people would try and reconsider and get the idea of finding a new magic trick that they would use on making their tricks as mind blowing as possible, but let us get the possibility that there are more things than to get people’s attention like entertaining them. The truth is we could see a lot of the new things that in the world of magic, like for example the amazing D’Lite magic light tricks, we are all aware on how the known magic trick as one part of a magician’s arsenal of tricks. So how does a beginner use the amazing D’Lite magic light tricks? Well there are some certain ways to pull the feat, so I am here to give you some tips on pulling one good magic off.

First, you need to check regularly to make sure there is nothing preventing the connector inside the D’Lite from making contact with the battery, it is pretty much important because it will determine if the D’Lite will work. If the D’Lite is in your pocket, you have to make sure it is not crushed in any way, as your D’Lite may be activated without you being aware. Next thing is you have to own a D’Lite video which will be a great new way to learn skills using DLite magic tricks. After that you now need to practice your motions in front of a mirror, try not to use your D’Lite under bright light, always remember that out need to test it in dim light.

When using the D’lite, you always have to try to keep your tricks like the grabbing from the air and of course the passing from hand to hand notions as natural as possible, it is important that you make your shows as real as possible to capture your audience in awe. When making magic tricks using the D’Lite it is imperative that you always keep the D’Lite shielded from your spectator’s view by nit showing your open palms, especially with your hands not moving. The main trick is you always need to be ready when you are on stage there are a lot of things that you can learn from the D’lite, you just need to make ends meet and do a good show.

Remember that when you trying to perform on a show, when you opt to use the D’Lite magic, you need to be careful although known to be a good props it has its limits like it can be use using water but not salt water. You should read the manual to see its limitation and how you will use the D’Lite to your shows. Don’t be scared to use it and take advantage of its uses. You will surely enjoy D’Lite magic tricks and your audience will be enjoying it as well.

Jron Magcale

Understanding Magic: Magic Coin Tricks

October 31, 2008

People has been really on the contrary on learning magic, there area lot of magic tricks known to accommodate the crowd, there are disappearing acts, card tricks, paper tricks, etc. But what really grab attention are the simple ones. Coin magic tricks are a great way to get started in magic as you don’t need specialty items to perform them. If you know some coin magic tricks and want to perform and entertain others, then follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming a real coin magician. There are actually easy steps on performing magic coin tricks, it is easy and fun and really a good starting base on learning more magic tricks. You should be accustomed to it and I am sure that you will have fun on doing it for sure.

Ok, one main thing about magic coin tricks is selecting the right coins. You should have a good selection of coins on hand. Make sure you have coins that fit well in your hands for the types of tricks you’ll be performing. Have some silver coins as well as some gold-colored coins for contrast if you’re going to be performing tricks that involve multiple coins. Your selection on the coins will pretty much help you on executing your tricks that will later be one of the most important parts of your performance.

Another important thing to keep in mind knows your audience, I think it is pretty much a basic thought, know your audience. If you’re going to be performing the tricks in front of adults, use more advanced tricks. If your audience is children, go for more visually stimulating tricks and tricks that involve audience participation. You should be able to choose an audience that can be “game” on your tricks. Remember that with these kinds of performance there are actually a lot at stake, if you fail your reputation as a magician will be on the downside.

If you want to practice and improve I suggest performing some tricks in front of friends and asking for advice. They can give you tips on what works and what doesn’t, so that when you get in front of a real audience, you’ll have well-tested tricks. They’ll be your audience that can give you constructive criticism, although a lot of it may come to the wire with some polish, you need to justify your magic coin tricks in front of a crowd that you know, they will be able to give you your good points and bad, so that when you are going to perform live you’ll have a good idea on what to expect overall.

The main thing is you should practice your tricks until you have them down to perfection. Practice performing in front of the mirror so you can see what the audience will see. Prepare your magic show with an opener, middle and closer. Your opener should be a quick trick that takes under a minute to perform. Your next tricks, the middle should be more involved and more complicated. Finally, your closing trick should be the most impressive, as it’s the one your audience will most likely remember. Making sure that you can take your audience breath away can be a great finale. Remember to make good use of the knowledge you have upon doing your tricks. It is a good move to always give you the boost on performing these magic tricks.

Jron Magcale

Performing Arts with Your Very Own Magic Tricks

October 30, 2008

It’s not like an easy task, having to know more magic tricks can be a good thing but how about performing it? Any magician who performs a routine, whether it is on the stage or on the streets, knows exactly in what order his tricks will be done. These orders are not thrown together randomly. In fact, a tremendous amount of thought goes into arranging the order of these tricks. This tutorial will help you to understand how to organize the tricks in your routine and how to transition seamlessly from one to the next. Magic tricks are performance based and if you are a struggling magician, you should know better. You need a plan, some sort of a game plan to make your show be on a high note, so let me give you some steps that would be very helpful.

Ok, so let’s start with the pre-show preparation, before performing, list the tricks you know how to perform. It is really important because you need to make an order of what you would perform in front of your live audience, most people would not care about it, but let me tell you that it is important that you pay close attention to this. The details and whatnot, you should also arrange the tricks in order from easiest to hardest. In that way the hardest will be played as your finale, the one that would be your encore. Of course you don’t want to perform something that would be an easy cheap trick; you want something riveting, so putting the hardest as the last can be helpful.

Next are you needed to choose a small amount of them and decide how they are best organized? Remember that a magic routine should seem like one big trick, not a series of small tricks. Transitioning seamlessly will not allow spectators to think you are doing something else. It will all seem like one trick. So you better take note on this tip and see what you can do with it. Play with your tricks and be sure to make some good moves on it. Start with a card trick that involves the spectator memorizing a card. It will be a good filler and would entertain the crowd, plus the interaction with you and the crowd will be a nice touch into your magic show.

Continue with that chosen card until eventually letting the spectator keep the card. Since you no longer have the card, you are forced to move onto another series of tricks. See how this works? You organize them in a logical fashion that allows you do present multiple tricks as one and then seamlessly move on. Now that the card tricks are over, bring out a coin, or take your routine into another direction. Lastly, always leave them wanting more! Stop transitioning after you reach the climax of your performance. At their biggest reaction, no matter what it comes, walk away. It will give them the same effect that a cliffhanger in a television show or movie can give. With that kind of performance I think you’ll be known noted and will be in good standing. Your magic tricks will be much appreciated and you’ll have the crowd captured for sure.

Jron Magcale

Performing Magic Tricks is Part of the Act

October 24, 2008

On every magic shows, we all witness everything that goes down. It is fun to have magic shows having entertainment on their performances as well it is some kind of a bonus, in my opinion. There comes a time when doing magic tricks is no longer enough and the aspiring magician wishes to perform magic tricks. The difference is simple. When one performs, it is a coherent routine of magic tricks crafted into a single work of entertainment, while doing a trick is a mere demonstration. While it is easy to describe how to perform magic, the actual practice can be challenging.  It is more than just difference in verbs, but its more of having the 2 words have different impact to the one uses them. Right now the average magician would not settle for just having to be able to execute a trick, they want to flavor on their craft and actually perform.

So, what does it take to make a good performance on magic shows? Well, first, you need to choose a performing persona. The great magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdini once said “A magician is an actor playing the part of a magician,” and this is essentially true. Every successful magician portrays a character when they perform. That is why most of us are entertained and somewhat satisfied on the kind of performance each magician does. It is a really good starting point on magic shows.

Now, next up is evaluating all potential magic tricks for a performance against the character that is being created. Simply ask if it makes since for the character to perform these magic tricks. For example, a mad scientist character would probably not mesh well with card tricks while a riverboat gambler would. It is all about setting your priorities straight and knowing what to do on certain situations. Establish a link between the selected magic tricks. The overall goal is to create an entertaining routine with magic tricks that flow together in a sensible manner. It is often helpful to establish a theme to connect the magic tricks. It is important to know those by heart so that you will know your way on the stage.

Now, the next step will be quite easy. Arrange the magic tricks in an order that maintains the entertainment but allows for the “dirty work” of magic to be accomplished. For example, if an effect requires a live weasel to be strapped to one’s chest, the weasel should be produced and freed before the effect that fires a cannonball into one’s torso. Acquire the proper wardrobe for the character being portrayed. Make sure that any required props make sense for the character as well. Study acting and, if the performance is meant to be funny, study comedy too, if seriously pursing magic as a career, take classes in performance skills and stage craft. Performing magic tricks can really be a good thing as long as you know how to really perform your act.

Jron Magcale

2 Popular Magic Tricks We Love

October 21, 2008

The very basic trait of a magic trick is the illusion that people makes out of it. Magic tricks have been sought as a great entertainment for audience, but clearly the optical illusion that the magician does to make their tricks seem more real is a wonder itself. I do believe that magic tricks should be categorized as one of the nicest acts in the biz. Throughout the years the point that magic tricks has been a real deal breaker for many. I think that people will be aware on the kind of tricks that the performers can do. I do believe that with magic tricks there can be a lot to look for and if you are curious you should know that the tricks should always be performed with such care.

Card Tricks

Well one of the most common magic trick around is the magic tricks, it is a common concept that the magic card trick is one of the basic tricks a magician or performer can do, often performed in the start of shows, the card tricks can really be a good trick to know, some are easy and some can be hard, it is a little bit hard to keep track on it because mainly it is consist of hand speed and coordination. Careful practice can be good thing to start with magic tricks but right now, magic card tricks can be seen as a noteworthy thought on magic tricks. But like everything else, people should always consider that magic tricks using cards is always a popular act.

Disappearing Acts

Another popular part of magic tricks is the disappearing acts, well this performance can be really amusing and there are a lot of magicians that have been really using this as one of their forte, the magic tricks has been really on a good plus side, which in fact a nice thing to look at. The disappearing acts can really a great trick to perform and it can really be a great thing especially now that there is certain performance that lacks this kind of acts. The disappearing acts can really be looked at as a great deal for magic shows.

Well those are just simple things that we can see at a magic shoe, magic tricks can always be sought as a good thing but right now some shows lacks the aspect that it made them really popular, illusions really never loose in this show and the element of surprise is always looked at an important factor, it is a good thing to look at that magic tricks can be learned and performed it just takes the right timing for them. I do believe that with magic tricks we can always be amused and have a great time on learning and watching them.

Jron Magcale

Magic Tricks: The SwitcherooCArd Trick

October 17, 2008

Believe me when I say that one of the best magic tricks out there are card tricks, yes, it never goes out of style and is always performed by a lot of magicians. It is one of the oldest magic tricks in the book and some of them are easy to learn. It is said that once you are able to do some basic magic tricks, you can be on your way on learning other magic tricks that would be a great point for you as you go a long. So let, I give you one of the easiest and fun magic tricks out there. The Switcheroo card trick, basically it is a switching trick that has never failed to impress the audience. So, learning it can be a good step to fins your way on the magic trick genre.

Preparations First

Ok, before starting the card trick, find the two black 6’s and the two black 9’s. (Note that the 6 of Spades, the 6 of Clubs, the 9 of Spades, and the 9 of Clubs.) Then, take the 6 of Spades and the 9 of Clubs and place one of them on the top of the deck and the other on the bottom. Keep the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades separate. It is important to follow these instructions and prepare it for you to be ready on executing your magic tricks.
Performing the Feat

Ok, now read carefully so you know what to do first, show the deck of cards to your audience. Hold the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades in front of the person. Ask them to tell you what cards they are. They will say the 6 of clubs and the 9 of spades, of course. Ask them if they are sure. They will say that they are sure. Then hold up either of the cards and ask them what card it is. After they respond, place that card in the middle of the deck. Now do the same with the other card. It is imperative that you follow the steps as it is and do not make any sudden change or else you’ll be messed up.

Next, once both cards are inside the deck, place it down on the table and tell the person to tap the deck three times. After that ask them if they have any magic moon dust, or anything that you can come up with to make it seems entertaining. If they say, no say you will loan them some and reach into your pocket and pretend to sprinkle dust on the cards. If they say yes, tell them there’s no such thing as magic moon dust. Now rub your hands together and blow on them so your fingers are slightly moist. Performance wise it is an important part of the trick.  Nest up is picking up the deck by putting your thumb on top and your other fingers on bottom. Hold the deck very lightly. Swing the deck back and forth, and on the third swing throw the deck to your other hand, but make sure you hold onto the top and bottom card. Your moistened fingers will help.

To finish off, after all that, your victim will still remember the cards, but only vaguely. When you show them the 6 of spades and 9 of clubs that you “pre-placed” they will be astounded, unless they have an awesome memory, it is really all about execution for this magic trick so it is pretty much important to make it as real as possible to make it worthwhile.

Jron Magcale

Getting Resources for Learning Magic Tricks

October 7, 2008

There are a lot of things that we can do with magic tricks. It is the single most exciting skill a magician can offer the audience. One basic thing is that magic tricks can be misleading, often use misdirection to let the audience see what they want them to see and then executing their trick in a blink of an eye. From the early days of magic, magic tricks has been some sort of a weapon. People often look at it as a mystical skill but to extent magic tricks are merely tricks up on a magician’s sleeves. Of course they’ll make you believe that the “magic” in deed is true but what we fail to see is that magic tricks in deed can make a lot of people be impress and often can be a great thing to some, but some might be too critical about them.

Learning Magic Tricks

There are a lot of resources that we can get if we want to learn more about magic tricks and by learning it we need to put an extended amount of time and we need to also put our dedication into it as well. Magic tricks is an interesting subject so learning it can really be rewarding, here are some resources that you can look at if you want to learn magic tricks:

Books – Well, they say it is the most effective resource for magic tricks, it is kind of old school but every magician have read a book or two, so when you hear the saying “every trick in the book” well that just says a lot about the books. Magicians always look for the books in the book store or library to learn a thing or two about magic. Books are still a valid resource for anything magic.

DVD/VCD video Tutorials – Well in our world now, there are a lot of things that comes into trends and now everything is well documented in videos. Whether its cooking tutorials, graphic designs, basketball drills, etc. everything is in VCDs and DVDs so with that being said, magic tricks can also be learned by buying this tutorials, although some might argue that most of these tutorials are just from the books, it is still great to see a visual of the tricks so that it can be learned fast.

Internet Websites – There are some quality websites that can be your friend with learning magic tricks, there are some streaming videos, article tips and others that can really be helpful to you. Learning magic tricks can be hard but as long as you’re learning the tricks from a website or you’ll get a walkthrough and you can interact with people through forums as well.

There are a lot of ways to learn magic, you just have to be patient with it when you are on the verge of learning because, for magic tricks, patience is still a virtue you should remember that.

Jron Magcale

Magic Tricks: Key Ingredients to amaze the Crowd

October 3, 2008

One of the best shows that we can ever watch or witness is the Magic shows, it continually amazes us and it always shows great performances. Magic shows can often be watch on stages or sometimes in TV. The performers or the so called Magicians will give you a great show that can be really entertaining. Some people often ask just how the magicians do their show. Well of course it all start with mastering their Magic Tricks, of course 90% of the shows are performed with magic shows it is always known that magic tricks does give a lot to entertain people whom are watching, their shows are really entertaining and the way they perform their tricks can really be a scene to behold. Although there are a lot of questions about how they do their tricks, still it is performed in such great poise but kept in secrecy.

Sometimes a magician can entertain the idea of teaching their magic tricks to some people who wants to learn it, but like everybody else, it should be kept as a secret. It is like those Patient-Doctor confidentiality, but in this case, it is more of teacher-student confidentiality. Keeping magic tricks in secret is a big thing to always remember, people should understand that a magicians magic tricks can’t be tossed around to other people, because it is not just some simple tricks that one can perform, magic tricks needs to be practiced and have great of dedication as well, because executing it can be difficult at times if you don’t know the timing. There are certain timing and execution to each magic tricks, so a magician should always be ready and prepared on their performances. Their poise and execution when performing is really a thing of greatness because you’ll see how easily they do their tricks and that my friend is a result of dedication to their craft.

A gun to a soldier, a pen to writer or a racket to a tennis player, magic trick is a weapon of choice for magicians as well. There are lot that people put into their craft and with that being said, magic tricks does really play a big part on every magicians life. It is not that magic tricks is just something they have to learn but it is something that they have to put into their hearts and minds in order to familiarize themselves to their craft. Magic is a big word to some but for magic shows it is a word that constantly used as an attraction for most. Famous magicians have become famous because of their magic tricks and a lot have earned big money on just performing in big stages in hotels and casino in the country. Magic tricks are really a powerful skill to learn because it can put smiles to people’s faces.

Jron Magcale